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How to Troubleshoot AirPods Beeping: A Step-by-step Guide

The AirPods are earphones that connect with smartphones wirelessly and are manufactured by Apple. The Airpods can also connect with Android phones and provide various beneficial features, such as “active noise cancellation” and “adaptive EQ”. Sometimes, the Airpod’s constant sound beeping issue will occur because of different reasons, such as “wrong configuration settings”, “low charging” and “charging case sounds is enabled”.

This blog will illustrate the fixes to solve the Airpod’s beeping. 

Fixes to Troubleshoot AirPods Beeping: A Step-by-step Guide

To fix the AirPods beeping issue, the following fixes will be utilized:

  1. Charge the Airpods
  2. Dry the Airpods
  3. Re-connect the AirPods with iPhone
  4. Reset the Airpods 
  5. Disable the Charging Case Sound 

Let’s get started!

Fix 1: Charge the Airpods

If the battery level of the AirPods is low then the AirPods will beep like other devices play sound when their battery health is low, such as smartphones. The beep sound gives us an indication to charge the AirPods, so, first, we have to check if the battery of the AirPods is low then connect the charger with it. Check again after completing the charging, if the error again persists then move towards the next solution.

Fix 2: Dry the Airpods 

The beeping issue of AirPods can occur due the the wetness of the the AirPods. In case the AirPods are wet, place them into the rice-filled container for at least 24 hours. Do not use the air compressor and hair dryer because accessive heat can damage the Airpods components. After 24 hours if the Airpods again cause the same issue then its components are malfunctioning. To solve this issue simply take the Airpods to the repair shop or if it’s under warranty then replace it.

Fix 3: Re-connect the AirPods with the iPhone Device 

Sometimes, the beep sound issue is caused because the AirPods are not connected properly to the device. So, re-connecting the AirPods with the iPhone can also help us to resolve this error.  To do so, we are going to follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Power Off the Airpods

To turn off the AirPods, put the AirPods back into its case.

Step 2: Forget the AirPods

Navigate to the “Settings>Bluetooth>Airpods” option and then choose the “Forget this device” issue:

Step 3: Again Connect the Airpods

Put the Airpods out from the case and then choose the “Airpods” from the available devices on the iPhone Bluetooth settings page.

If the beep sound persists then move towards the next fix.

Fix 4: Reset the Airpods

By resetting the AirPods, the settings of the AirPods will be set to the default. Doing so can assist us in solving this beeping sound issue. Follow the described steps to reset the Airpods.

Step 1: Power Off the AirPods

Simply put the AirPods into the charging case and close its top lid.

Step 2: Reset the Airpods

Now, press the reset button for ten to twelve seconds which is placed on the back side of the AirPods charging case.

After resetting the AirPods, again connect them to the iPhone from Bluetooth settings.

Fix 5: Disable the Charging Case Sound

The charging case of the AirPods has a built-in speaker that plays sound while charging, such as connecting or low battery sounds. If the beep sound we hear is from the charging case then we can disable it from the Bluetooth settings as it is stated below.

Step 1: Open Bluetooth Settings

Launch the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone and then choose the AirPods option.

Note: The AirPods must be connected to the iPhone device.

Step 2: Disable Charging Case Sound

Now, scroll down and toggle the switch of the “charging case sounds” button.

We have presented all the possible fixes to resolve the Airpods beep sound error.


To troubleshoot the Airpod’s beeping, we will perform different solutions to get rid of this sound, such as “resetting the Airpods”, “checking the battery health” and “disabling the charging case sound”. By resettling the Airpods, the incorrect settings will be set to the correct because it set the AirPods settings to the default. The AirPods sound also beeps when charging is low, so, charge the AirPods. The disabling charging case sounds will turn off the sound when the charging is low or pairing with the iPhone. This article has illustrated 5 useful fixes to troubleshoot AirPod’s beeping sound.

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