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How To Turn Off Call Forwarding On AT&T Landline?

The landline is a telephonic connection that uses metal wires and fiber optic cables to transfer the signals and convert them into digital audio with the help of physical media. Vonage, Community phone, AT&T, and many other companies are providing landline service in the US ( United States).

This guide will illustrate all the details of “How To Turn Off Call Forwarding On AT&T Landline”.

How to Turn On/OFF the Call Forwarding Feature on AT&T Landline?

To disable the call forwarding feature on AT&T landline; follow the below-given steps:

  • First, press the phone key or simply hold the receiver.
  • Once you hear the dial tone, simply dial “#21#” on the dialog.
  • After three seconds, you will hear the confirmation tone on the handset.
  • Finally, after the confirmation tone, the call forwarding feature will be disabled from your “AT&T landline”.

Alternatively, if you ever feel to enable the AT&T landline call forwarding feature again, you can enable it by following the below steps:

  • First, Dial *21* at the start of the 10-digit number on which want to forward the call.
  • Next, press the “#” on the dial log of the landline.
  • After that, wait for 3 seconds until we hear the confirmation of the call forwarding that has been set up successfully on the AT&T Landline.

What is Call-Forwarding?

Ernest J. Bonanno is the first individual who made the concept of the call-forwarding feature. Call forwarding is the feature that is used to shift and forward the call to another number. The call-forwarding feature can be used in business, homeplace, and office as well. To avail the call-forwarding feature, follow the below step:

  • The call-forwarding feature can be availed by dialing “*72” before the actual phone number of the person. The call forwarding service will be activated once the call will be answered; if the call will not be answered or the line is busy, consider redialing the code with the phone number to activate the call forwarding. 

Note: The user bears the additional charge for the call-forwarding feature because it produces a second “Call leg” to the destination of another number. However, if the destination phone number will have the same company network, it might not charge an additional fee for call forwarding.

Benefits of the Call Forwarding Feature

There are various benefits of the call-forwarding feature and some of the useful benefits are stated in the below-given steps:

  • Call forwarding is very useful when we are not available at our workplace to answer work-related queries.
  • Call forwarding is essential when we set up our toll-free number; It helps in diverting calls to a specific phone number.  In this way, clients/customers get the quick response and even they do not have to bear any additional fee.
  • Call forwarding is very helpful in making the clients/customers believe that we are permanently available for them.

How to Link the Landline to the Smartphone?

To link the landline with the smartphone, the given steps will be followed:

  • First, contact your service provider’s customer support to get the wireless home phone system that will link the landline to the wifi wireless phone.
  • Next, transfer the landline number to a mobile service provider that will link the landline to the smartphone.

After these steps, we will be able to answer calls from our smartphones successfully.

We have covered all the possible details of “How to Turn Off Call Forwarding on AT&T Landline”.


Call forwarding is the feature that is used to divert or forward the call to another number. The call forwarding feature can be availed by dialing *72 before the actual number of the person. There are many benefits of call forwarding such as we won’t miss calls anymore and don’t need to hire someone to answer the calls. Dial #21# to turn off this feature on the AT&T landline. This tutorial has explained all the details that how we can turn off call forwarding on AT&T landlines.

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