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How to Use Android’s Split Screen Multitasking for Productivity

The Android smartphone is very rich in terms of features because it is developed the Google LLC. There are many amazing features in Android smartphones that we do not use normally, such as “Split screen” and “Picture-in-Picture” modes.

This guide will elaborate on the two effective methods to split screens on Android devices.

How to Use Android’s Split Screen Multitasking for Productivity

We can use Android’s split-screen by two methods. The first one is splitting the screen from the recent and the second one is splittings the screen via PIP(Picture-in-Picture) mode. The step-by-step procedure of both these methods is briefly explained below.

Method 1: How to Use Split Screen on Android Smartphones

The Split screen feature will display two apps simultaneously at the same time on the Android smartphone. We can also perform different functions and tasks on both displayed applications. This feature is not supported by all apps on Android, such as the “Games and Gallery” application cannot open in a split screen. To utilize this feature on the Android phone to increase productivity, follow the below-described instructions.

Step 1: Launch the Apps 

First, launch any two apps that we wanted to split on the screen.

Step 2: Open the Recents Tab

Now, tap on the “Recent” option like a square at the button of the screen. Alternatively, if the gesture is enabled, then drag the finger from the gesture bar to the middle of the screen.

Step 3: Utilize the Split-Screen Feature

Here, long-press the app screen until it displays a menu list. Select the “Split screen” from that and then tap on the other app that we want to display on the screen. 

Step 4: Modify the Size of the Split Screen

We can also adjust the size of both apps by dragging the small bar in the middle of the device screen.

Step 5: Return to the Normal Screen

To return to the normal screen, drag the bar of the screen to the bottom.

Alternatively, tap on the “recent” square icon to go back to the normal screen.

Method 2: How to Use PIP(Picture-in-Picture) Mode On Android Phone

The PIP mode will display the small screen of the played video on the device only for specific applications. This feature is very helpful while we are watching videos on YouTube, Netflix, and Browser. To utilize this feature on the Android phone, we will follow the below-described steps.

Step 1: Open Special App Access

Navigate to the “Settings>Apps & Notification” option and then choose the “Special app access” option:

Step 2: Enable the PIP(Picture-in-Picture) Mode

Select the “Picture-in-Picture” option and allow the apps according to your preference:

Step 3: Utilize the Picture-in-Picture Mode

Now, open the allowed app like we open the Chrome browser and start playing videos from any source like “Youtube” and “Movies on the website”. 

After that, play the video in full-screen mode and tap on the “home” icon from the notification bar. The video will play in the small box on the screen as shown in the below GIF:

Step 4: Close the PIP

Simply, tap on the videos and then choose the “cross” icon.

How Split Screen Feature Increase Productivity

The split screen increases productivity because it helps us to do multiple tasks at the same time on the smartphone screen. This feature saves a lot of our time and makes work easier for us. It is also beneficial if we want to use Twitter along with WhatsApp-like apps.

We have covered the two best ways to split the screen on the Android smartphone to maximize productivity.


To use Android split-screen, we can do this process from the built-in feature and also by utilizing the PIP(Picture-in-Picture) mode. To split the screen from the built-in feature, first open the recent tab and long-press the app that we want to split on the screen. After that, choose the second app that we desire to split along with the other app. To utilize Picture-in-Picture mode on Android, go to the “settings>apps & notifications>special app access>picture-in-picture” options and allow the app that we want. Next, play videos on that on the full-screen mode and then hit the “home” button from the notifications bar. This blog has explained the two methods to split screens on Android smartphones.

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