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How to Use Chrome in Full-Screen Mode on Android

No doubt, Google Chrome is the most popular browser among Desktop and Smartphone users. In mobile devices, Chrome provides its users with a seamless browsing experience and it is consistently striving to enhance the UX (user experience). It adds new features on a monthly or sometimes even on a weekly basis such as full-screen mode, sharing, mute audio, and other amazing Chrome actions.

This article will explain how we can view/use Chrome in full-screen mode on Android.

How to View/Use Chrome in Full-Screen Mode on Android?

To utilize the Google Chrome browser in full-screen mode, we will follow the below methods:

  1. Method 1: Using a third-party application
  2. Method 2: Alternative Browsers with Full-Screen Mode

So let’s explore each method individually.

Method 1: Using Third-Party Applications

When there are no options to fulfill the desired actions within an app, third-party applications can be used to fill that gap. Third-party applications simply extend the functionality of a specific application.

We can switch the Google Chrome browser to full screen with the help of third-party applications. To do so, follow the following explained steps:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store

Unlock your device and simply tap on “Play Store”:

Opening play store for downloading third party application to make chrome full screen

Step 2: Search for “Fullscreen Immersive”

On the top, tap on the search bar and type, “Fullscreen Immersive”. Tap on the applications which appear on the first number as shown below:

searching full screen immersive to make chrome full screen

Or you can simply follow the link to install this application:

Step 3: Install the Fullscreen Immersive Application

After selecting the application, simply install it:

Installing fullscreen immersive to make chrome full screen

Step 4: Open the Application & Set Permissions

When the installation process gets completed, open the application by clicking on the open button:

Opening fullscreen immersive to make chrome full screen

Next, follow the wizard and allow all permissions as shown below:

bypassing wizard of fullscreen immersive app to make chrome full screen 2

When we click the “Allow” button, it’ll take us to another window. Simply scroll and find the fullscreen immersive app and permit the last permission as shown below:

giving permission to fullscreen immersive app to make chrome full screen
giving permission to fullscreen immersive app to make chrome full screen 1

This permission is required by this app to function properly.

Step 5: Enable Fullscreen Option

Ensure that the switch placed in the top right corner of the app is “ON”. Next, we only need to check the “Fullscreen” checkmark as shown in the following screenshot:

Enabling full screen mode from chrome

Run/Verify Google Chrome Browser in Fullscreen

Now, we only need to verify the changes. For that, let’s open our Google Chrome browser:

Opening google chrome browser

After opening the browser, we can verify that Google Chrome has been switched to full screen successfully.

How Does Chrome Browser Full-Screen Work on Android?

Going to full screen in Google Chrome means that all the edges appearing on the Android containing different elements will disappear. It will only show the screen appearing inside the browser windows by consuming the surroundings of the entire screen. Following the above method will hide the distractive elements from the top bar of Android and give a visual of full screen of Chrome browser on Android devices.

Method 2: Alternative Browsers with Fullscreen Mode

As competition is getting tough day by day for browsers. They are adding astonishing features to take the lead such as fullscreen mode is one of them. 

The below-listed alternative browser comes with built-in full-screen modes, we can switch to full-screen mode easily in the given browsers:

  • Brave Browser
  • Samsung Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser

Will Every Web Page Go Full Screen in Chrome?

Every responsive web page will go full screen in the Android Chrome browser. However, depending on the page structure and viewport property, a web page might not function as it is expected to display in Chrome or other web browsers that support full screen within an Android device.

Is Chrome Full Screen Can Implemented in Android Only? 

There is no by-default feature available currently that can make the Chrome screen go into full mode on Android devices. 

In the same way, iOS devices are also not capable of letting the user use Chrome browser in full-screen mode unless an update by its developers is released which allows them to do so. 

However, desktop devices give an extra edge and allow you to utilize the Chrome browser at its full potential. We can take Chrome to full-screen on Desktop devices by pressing the F11 key from the keyboard. If your device has a function (fn) button, then hold it first before hitting the F11 key to go to full-screen mode in Chrome.

How to Make the Media Files Capture Entire Screen While Running?

While going through different web pages whether they are getting viewed in full mode or not, some media files, such as images, gifs, or videos won’t appear in full screen due to their fixed width and height. 

In this case, consider rotating your screen from portrait to landscape as it will change the view and let the image cover the screen with a different angle. Android landscape mode is also helpful in letting the media files expand fully and provide a bigger view by making them go in full screen in Chrome.

This post has provided two efficient methods to go into the full-screen mode of the Google Chrome browser within an Android Device.

Supercharging Chrome for Full Screen on Android

Google Chrome is the most advanced browser that has tons of features. It provides a vast amount of built-in features which are reliable and very useful. But it lacks a really major feature which is the fullscreen mode. However, you can use/View the Google Chrome (Android) Browser in full-screen mode by installing a third-party application named “Fullscreen Immersive”. It provides three modes; just select the fullscreen mode and launch the Chrome browser to start browsing in fullscreen. This blog has provided detailed information on viewing Chrome in fullscreen on Android

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