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Verizon Free Watch/iPhone Survey (is It Legit?)

To share the experience of the device by answering the question in the surveys is a scam for the users that will rob all their personal details and important information. The user reached these webpages by typos in the “URL”, through the advertisement, and by having the “PUAs’ ‘(Potentially Unwanted Applications) on their devices.

This post will elaborate on the Verizon free watch/iPhone survey.

What is Verizon Free Watch and iPhone Survey?

This is a rumor only that Verizon’s communication Inc. is an “American multinational telecommunications conglomerate”, providing the scheme of prizes/giveaways. Such things are completely untrue; there is no connection between Verizon about these prizes/giveaways. The methods of this scheme to trap the users and scam them by using the following stated tactics:

  • The “Verizon free watch and iPhone survey” scams the user by inviting them to share their mobile experience (which they are currently using) by answering the survey questions in return of money. This scheme gives assurance to the user that after completing the survey, he will win a  prize worth USD (Ninety Dollars or more).
  • The survey claims that they have been giving out prizes to people worth 4 million dollars after they complete the survey, they often show some sort of prize list to the users to gain their attention.
  • When the user tries to claim/accept the prize, it sends the user to deceptive and harmful websites. These websites are used to steal or record user-entered information for different purposes.
  • These websites use phishing schemes with free downloading and sale of products like things; It asks users to only pay the cost of the product shipping or just do subscribe for some subscriptions type things. In that case, users often provide their personal information to such samers, such as bank account/credit card details. This caused the users provided information to be used for fraudulent transactions and online purchasing.
  • These websites weaken the browsing experience and give a threat to the device; if the user clicks on the given threat, it will redirect him/her to harmful websites that can steal the IP address and other information related to the user.
  • Installing the Puas (Potential Unwanted Applications) hijack the browsers and make modifications to them to promote websites.

As a result, the websites of this scheme are completely misleading, harmful, and filled with deceptive information.

How to Recognize a Fake Survey?

To recognize the fake survey, follow the below stated steps:

  • Give close attention to the scheme if it is written very poorly means there will be no quality writing.
  • After completing the survey, it will show that we will get a 25% discount on the next purchase if we click on this option, just don’t click on the option because it will redirect you to another survey and ask more questions about to collect the information.
  • If the Website is demanding some sensitive or a lot of information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and social security numbers; just don’t fall into the trap and close the survey.
  • The scammers use smart tactics to engage the user by sending the survey in video games for a better gaming experience; when the user clicks on this survey, it redirects the user to dangerous and untrustworthy websites.

How do we avoid the Installation of Puas (Potential Unwanted Applications)?

To avoid the installation of potentially unwanted applications, follow the following guide:

  • Only download and install the softwares/packages from their official websites. In case, if there’s no official website exists, do in-depth research about the package before taking any action.
  • Be careful when downloading or installing the bundle packages, such as p2p networks and hosting files.
  • Don’t click on any pop-up or notification which is offering you to download the software or package for your device.

What Should we do When Filling Out Internet Surveys?

When filling out the internet, we should take care of a few things which are written below:

  • Use anti-malware tools that can protect us from malicious attacks and dangerous websites.
  • Join some groups and pages on social media related to surveys. This will assist in keeping you updated on scams and provide other related news about surveys.
  • Think twice before entering the bank account details because scammers use the keylogger technique to steal the information that is typed by the user on their websites.
  • Look for the privacy policy of the surveys if provided.  In most cases, you won’t find any privacy policy, however, if the privacy policy and terms of conditions are given, then see what will they do with the provided information.

We have covered all that what are Verizon free watch/iPhone surveys and whether they are legit or not.


The Verizon free watch and iPhone surveys are not legit; it’s a scam that steals all the personal information of the user by redirecting them to different harmful sites or by making them install potentially unwanted applications. Sometimes, these surveys rob the user’s bank account/debit card details and utilize these details in fraudulent payments and in other online purchases. In this article, we have learned all the details of the scam “Verizon Free Watch and iPhone surveys”.

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