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Verizon Global Vs LTE-CDMA – Which One To Use?

Verizon is an American Multinational telecommunication conglomerate company or organization that supplies technology, communication, and entertainment products to its users. Verizon is one of the biggest carrier service providers in the United States. Verizon Utilizes the CDMA technology for the wireless network.

In this blog, we will compare Verizon global and LTE-CDMA. Moreover, we will describe the possible steps for how to change the network type for a Verizon sim.

Verizon Global

If we are traveling outside America, the Verizon global mode automatically turns on; it is one of the best network settings that can assist in connecting with the GSM (Global System Mobile) network easily. It can also help us when the CDMA service is not available in some areas, the global mode settings will try to connect with the most recent technology to provide the network. 

Verizon LTE-CDMA

The LTE-CDMA network settings provide the most reliable network signals quality. The LTE-CDMA network setting is preferred by most citizens of the United State citizens. The LTE-CDMA assists in keeping us on the 4G internet.

Which Network Mode Settings Should we Utilize?

Choosing the network mode settings is dependent upon our area and what options are available in that area, such as if we are in an area that only supports the CDMA network settings, at that time, we have to change the network settings to CDMA. If we are living in the United States then the LTE-CDMA is the preferable network setting to Utilize. If we are traveling internationally then the Global mode is best for foreign travelers. Verizon provides better network coverage of LTE-CDMA in the United States and it also saves the battery timing of the device. 

How to Change the Network Type for a Verizon SIM

The steps for changing the network type of a Verizon SIM depend on the software of the device. The generalized steps for changing the network type are described below:

Step 1: Go to Settings and then tap on the “Mobile networks and Internet” option.

Step 2: Tap on the Carrier service provider and then tap on “Preferred Network Type”.

Step 3: Select one of these options “Global/ LTE-CDMA” depending on our location and then click on the “Save” option to confirm the changes.

These steps will change the network settings for a Verizon sim.

We have provided all the details of Verizon global/LTE-CDMA and steps to change the network type for a Verizon sim.


Verizon Global is the best network setting for traveling internationally because it can easily be connected to the GSM network. The Verizon LTE-CDMA network settings are preferable settings and provide a good reliable signal strength in the United States. Pick one of these two network settings totally depends on the area and what options we need. In this article, we have demonstrated briefly the Verizon Global/LTE-CDMA network settings and possible steps for how to change the network type for a Verizon sim.

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