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Why is my Verizon Temporarily Unavailable?

Verizon is an “American Multinational Telecommunication Conglomerate” company that offers wireless products and services. This company is established in 2000 and right now it is the largest wireless service provider with millions of subscribers in the US (United States).

This blog will demonstrate what could be the reasons that Verizon is temporarily unavailable”.

What is Meant by Verizon Temporarily Unavailable?

When we try to contact someone using the Verizon phone, a notice appears that says, “the called person is momentarily unavailable”. There are multiple reasons for this error notice and some of the important reasons are stated below:

  • The phone number we call might be no longer in service anymore.
  • The phone number we are trying to contact might currently not taking calls. 
  • Verizon has suspended its services for you.

Reason for Verizon Suspended My Line?

If the smartphone is lost or stolen from us, we need to call Verizon wireless service to stop the service line of the phone. This is necessary to ensure that nobody can misuse our phones. To do so, we have to provide the details to Verizon wireless, such as our name, account number, and also contact number of the stolen or lost cell phone. When the line is suspended, we are unable to use the Verizon network service and also unable to make a call.

There is quite a possibility that “Verizon has suspended your account” because of the nonpayments. We cannot use the Verizon service when the account is suspended. So, we have to clear all the debts for the restoration of the account. 

How To Reactivate the Suspended and Disabled Verizon Account?

We can restore the Verizon account in different ways depending on the reason why it is canceled. There are different approaches to reactivating the Verizon service:

Approach 1: Contact Verizon Customer Care

The Verizon “suspend service” option enables to pause the account service without losing the mobile number. This option can be helpful when we are going on a long trip and experiencing financial issues. When the Verizon account is suspended and someone tries to contact us through Verizon, that person will get the automated message that says “service has been temporarily paused”. The suspended Verizon account will be reactivated when we call customer care and provide our personal information to them. 

Approach 2: Clear All Debts (Verizon)

We will be able to reactivate the Verizon account when all the debt will be cleared. The phone number and account pin is needed to reactivate the Verizon account. Follow the below-given steps to reactivate the Verizon account.

  • First, go to the Verizon wireless website by clicking here.
  • Then, enter the phone number and password of the account.
  • After that. follow the on-screen instruction to complete the reactivation process.
  • Finally, as soon as we complete these instructions the Verizon account will be restored.

That’s all to fix Verizon’s temporarily unavailable problem.


The “Verizon temporarily unavailable” message appears when we attempt to contact someone through the Verizon service. This error message could be the cause of other issues as well, such as the number we are contacting is no longer in service or the number we are calling is not presently taking calls. To resolve this issue, we have to call customer support at Verizon and ask them to resolve this problem. This post has explained the details of the “Why is my Verizon temporarily unavailable” and possible steps of how to reactivate the Verizon account.

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