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What is Dropbox log and how to Use/View it?

There are a number of file hosting services operated online and “Dropbox” is one of them. Dropbox is used to store or share any of our data and gives a backup of our files. These data or files can be accessed from any computer regardless of wherever we are in the whole world. To share any file with a friend or colleague, we can share links to files or share folders with them directly.

Dropbox Logs is a feature that tracks your activities, such as creating, deleting, and restoring a folder. It allows us to view any specific information or activity for Dropbox folders individually. Typically, the account owner can decide on which information should be included in the logs or which one should not. However, the Dropbox administration can also decide on them.

Dropbox data including the desktop program or any website API can be accessed in different ways as it is free and accessible to everyone. In order to view the Dropbox logs, you are at the right place as we have just a guide for you.

What is Dropbox Log and How to Use/View it?

In Dropbox, there are two types of Dropbox logs which are stated below:

  1. Personal Account Logs
  2. Business Account Logs

 Let’s explore each type of log one by one!

1. Personal Account Logs

Within the personal account, data can be easily exchanged or stored on the cloud using Dropbox. The files we share on Dropbox contain the track of everything as the “Dropbox Event Log” is actually a list of all the events that occur. We must be logged into our Dropbox in order to see Dropbox logs, so, we can see who has shared the files/folders or when they were edited last time. By clicking on “Event Viewer”, we can see all upcoming events. In the File Access Report, we can find out who has accessed which files or folders.

Tracking the activity on Dropbox Log

The information is generated by Dropbox to keep track of all the things that the user does over time. This information includes the user’s IP Address, their identity, and the date with the time of the action they made. On the user profile page, the action can be observed which keeps a record of their account.

All the devices that are accessing or connected to our Dropbox can be seen within the log because of keeping track of every device. Log into your Dropbox account, and view the security tab to see account logs. The devices that are connected to our account will appear within the “Recent Activity” portion. The details of every individual device can be checked by tapping on it.

2. Business Account Logs

Within the business account, we can easily keep an eye on our company’s account activity and this will help us stay organized. The comprehensive summary of each file uploaded or downloaded can be seen in Dropbox. By using this information, we can rectify many problems and keep an eye on your company’s ongoing activity.

Tracking Team Activity logs

Keeping track of every file share, comment, and modification in a user’s account is easy due to Team Activity Logs in Dropbox. So, it is important to keep track of your company and organization.

Planning tools can be helpful in keeping track of progress. The files that need any discussion or editing before presenting them to staff can be tracked through logs. Any team member working can be tracked by a “Team Activity Journal”.

The logs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to check if anyone working on the project on its own instead of teamwork. This assists in ensuring that there is a fair share of the work in the team and everyone in the team is accomplishing the goal in time.

How to View or Use Dropbox Logs in Team Activity

In Dropbox, access the files using the administration and select the admin console to access your files. There, click on the “Activities” option and we can filter the results to see the activity we are interested in. By clicking on “Add Activity”, we can add another one to the activities list. In order to see the activities that occurred during any time period, give it a start and end date next to the date range. We can also see the most recent activity of any team member by going to the “Members” page and typing the name of the following group.

We have covered what is Dropbox, its types, and how it can be accessed by any individual or any organization.


Dropbox is a file hosting service used to store or share any of your data and gives a backup of your files. Dropbox contains a track of every folder you create, delete, and restore; this procedure is known as Dropbox Logs. These logs can be a type of personal or business account. All the devices that are accessing or connected to your Dropbox can be seen in the log. The logs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to check if anyone working on the project on its own instead of teamwork. In this blog, you have learned what is Dropbox Logs and how to use/view them.

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