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What Does Canceled Call Mean on iPhone | Detailed Guide

Unable to reach someone while making a call through your iPhone device? Have you checked the contact call logs to see the status of the calls? If you can see Canceled Calls, then this is an indication that your calls are not getting to reach the target user.

This post will elaborate on what a canceled call means on an iPhone.

Mean of Canceled Call on iPhone Device

A canceled call means that the call was never connected or dropped immediately after establishing a connection. For example, if a user has dialed a number and hung up the call before the receiver picks it up, the iPhone will show the Canceled Call.

iPhone call log showing canceled calls

Often the call gets connected and dropped all of a sudden due to a reason, then this call will also be counted as a canceled call.

Please note: A canceled call does not mean that someone has declined your call intentionally or unintentionally.

How to Check for Canceled Calls on iPhone

To check for Canceled Calls on your iPhone, follow the following step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Open Phone App

Access the Phone application from the bottom left of the iPhone screen or simply search it in Spotlight of the iPhone.

iphone phone application

Step 2: Move to the Recents Section

Now, from the bottom left, choose the Recents options and make sure to select the All button after accessing this section.

iphone recent tab

Step 3: View Call Information

Next, select i wrapped in an outlined circle located right forward to the caller’s name. Tap it to view the call logs of that specific call.

iphone call information

Step 4: Check for Call Logs 

Here, you can walk through all the canceled calls. Moreover, incoming and outgoing calls will also be visible to you in the same section. 

iphone call log with muliple calls

Reasons Why iPhone Says Canceled Call

For sure, there is no external technical fault with the iPhone device that is showing canceled calls on the user call log. So, the issue is with the Cellular Network or iPhone Settings.

How Calls Can be Canceled Due to Cellular Network Issues?

Every iPhone needs a cellular network to make calls or send text messages without an internet connection. The cellular network is chosen by the user of the iPhone depending on the features and reliability. That cellular network might face the issues which are given below causing the iPhone to display canceled calls:

  • Poor connectivity problems with respect to the area
  • The cell tower has more load on it than its capacity for the time being
  • There is no balance in your account
  • The call is getting directed to the voicemail automatically
  • Your number has been blocked by the network provider or user

How Calls Can be Canceled Due to iPhone Settings Issues?

iPhone settings are responsible for controlling most functionalities available on the iPhone device. Playing with the settings of iPhone could be risky sometimes as they can restrict access over different actions or disallow useful actions. So, the settings that can cause the call to be canceled are stated below:

  • Network Settings Issues
  • Software Update issues
  • Call Forwarding is ON

How to Fix Calls Getting Canceled on iPhone?

If the calls are getting canceled automatically often or the issue is persistent, then it needs to be fixed from the iPhone. To fix the canceled calls on issues on the iPhone, follow the enlisted solutions:

  1. Restart the iPhone
  2. Reset Network Settings
  3. Update your software
  4. Contact Customer Support

Let’s pass through each solution to fix iPhone canceled call issues.

Solution 1: Restart the iPhone

Making an iPhone restart is the most rapid way to fix most of the internal mini issues like canceled calls. All you have to do is keep the Volume Down and the Power button pressed for a few seconds. Once the slider appears on the screen, hold it and take it to the right to power off the device. Next, only hold the power button to turn on the phone. If you have a Home button on your iPhone (iPhone 8 model or below models), then you only need to use the Power Button to make the iPhone go off and on.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings

Network settings are the core for establishing connectivity through a WiFi network or cellular network with an iPhone device. Consider resetting network settings by using the following steps as there could be a misconfiguration which is leading the calls to being canceled.

Step 1: Go to General Settings of iPhone

First, the Settings application needs to be launched from the Home Screen and then select the General option.

iphone general settings tab

Step 2: Transfer or Reset iPhone

Within the General, scroll to the end and tap on the Transfer or Reset option.

transfer or reset iphone

Step 3: Hit Reset Button

Next, select the second last button Reset to see more options, such as Reset All Settings, Reset Keyboard Dictionary, and Reset Network Settings.

Reset iphone

Step 4: Tap on Reset Network Settings

Here, only select the Reset Network Settings to restore or clear all the network configurations.

reset network settings

Passcode will be required once for confirming that this is you who is trying to reset the settings of your network.

Solution 3: Update Your iPhone iOS

iPhone iOS gets updates often, such as within a month or sometimes, even within a week. These updates are sent especially for specific iPhone models for the addition of new features or fixing bugs that cause fatal errors. So, updating the iOS is the most effective way to resolve the existing issues if any. To do so, ensure to follow the instructions with the proper steps given below.

Step 1: Access Software Update Option

From the General tab of iPhone Settings, the Software Update button needs to be pressed to proceed further.

software update iPhone

Step 2: Install iOS Updates

Here, you will see the Download and Install button, press it and it will automatically perform the device iOS upgrade process. During the process ensure to keep the iPhone plugged in if the battery has some issues or is below than the appropriate percentage.

iphone iOS updated

Doing so will successfully update the iOS of iPhone devices.

Solution 4: Contact Customer Support

In case of more assistance, you can contact Apple support as they have provided their official support page and contact numbers for assisting their users.

Gettings support from apple. All ways

Contacting your cellular network is also a proper way to diagnose the problem as sometimes they can provide the information or reason related to the user’s issues easily. In case you are not allowed to make the dialed carrier calls, check this dedicated guide.

How Canceled Calls are Different From Other Calls?

Canceled calls are totally different from other calls, such as Outgoing, Incoming, and Blocked calls. Let’s dive deep into this and learn the difference between mentioned calls in more detail.

Canceled Call vs Outgoing Call

Outgoing calls are those that get connected successfully by dialing a number, while the Canceled calls are completely the opposite of this and do not get connected. Outgoing calls could be from one second to several hours spending the call rate limit which is set by the carrier.

Canceled Call vs Dropped Call

Dropped call is that which gets disconnected right after connecting with the other party at some moment. It will go within the category of incoming/outgoing calls or canceled calls depending on the moments that have passed after making the connection. If the call drops immediately, then there is more probability that it will be counted as a canceled call.

Canceled Call vs Blocked Call

Blocked caller hears the ring for the first time, then gets the busy tone to hear and calls get disconnected due to this. Otherwise, the caller goes straight to the voicemail each time the number is dialed. Such calls also go within the canceled calls, so, blocked calls are very similar to canceled calls.

Is Getting Canceled Calls on an iPhone Normal?

When a canceled call appears in the call logs of iPhone contact, it indicates that the user is busy and because of that call cannot be attended. However, rest assured because this will leave a missed call notification on the other party side; they can call you back anytime. Moreover, there could be other possibilities and they are mentioned above with proper denials and screenshots. 

That’s all about Canceled Calls on iPhone.


iPhone Canceled Calls indication is a straightforward way to let the user know the connection was not settled between both parties and the call ended. This is pretty normal as it varies from one on one depending on the availability. However, if a call gets canceled every time, then it needs attention and needs to be fixed. This article has explained the meaning of canceled calls and provides solutions to fix it for iPhone devices.

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