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What Channel is The CW on Spectrum

CW on Spectrum unlocks the real potential of entertainment with HD streaming. If you are wondering about watching the CW on Spectrum, let’s go through from below outline:

What Channel is CW on Spectrum TV

CW on Spectrum is available but varies from one area to other within the United States. This is due to the Spectrum services structure and area distribution strategy.

The on-demand CW channel needs to be added to Spectrum’s existing plan before the exploration of the channel lineup. You can find the CW channel on Spectrum within your city by following the given list:

Lexington: 5, 117

San Diego: 6, 1212

Cleveland: 6, 1006

San Antonio: 1212, 7

Los Angeles: 1212, 5

Kansas City: 7

Louisville: 7, 914

Dallas: 9, 1212

Austin: 12, 1212

Durham: 10, 1212

Cincinnati: 1024, 20, 989

Saint Louis: 11, 711

New York: 11, 1212

Charlotte: 1261, 11, 1212

Montgomery: 14, 714

Albany: 15, 1212

Tahoe: 12, 13

Corpus Christi: 23, 1212

Reno: 12, 695

Columbus: 18

How to Use CW Channel Finder to Find CW on Spectrum 

As CW provides its streamings through multiple cable operators, therefore, it gives a way to find the channel on the provider using the station finder tool.

The tool is available on the CW platform and can be accessed using the On the station finder, simply enter your area zip code to view the list of providers along with the channel.

By entering the zip code 90001, it has specified in the list that on 1212, 5 channels on Spectrum I can watch CW.

So, get your area zip code using Google or any old Postal Mail and use the CW station finder to get the Spectrum CW channel information.

What to Watch on CW on Spectrum

CW broadcasts all American DC shows and movies on its channels, such as The Flash or Superman & Louis. Moreover, sports games can also be streamed non-stop on the CW Network.

Some of the streamable shows on CW are:

  • The Conners
  • Penn & Teller: Fool Us
  • Son of Critch
  • Ride
  • Wild Cards
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  • Children Ruin Everything

To check the schedule of CW shows and sports, navigate to their official website using the URL

What are the Other Providers of CW Channel

CW channel has grown big in the past and now its streamings are covered by giant cable operators in the United States. The major providers of CW are:

  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Xfinity
  • Fubo
  • Mediacom

That’s all from what channel is CW on Spectrum.


To watch the CW channel in HD on Spectrum, navigate to channel 1212 as this channel is the same for many regions. If unable to locate CW on 1212 then follow this article for the channel lineup for CW given according to the regions. The CW channel needs to be added on-demand within the Spectrum account for streaming. This write-up has provided complete detail on what channel is CW on Spectrum

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