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What Channel is ESPN on Sparklight

Wondering “What channel is ESPN on Sparklight” because you want to enjoy sports broadcasts all the time. You have chosen the right channel and this article will help you explore the ESPN channel by following below outline:


Sparklight “Standard” plan is required to stream the ESPN channel, so, consider activating it before getting on the target station. 

Subscribing Sparklight Standard package will also get you access to the ESPN2 channel. Moreover, you can enjoy a total of 157 channels within this plan. 

What Channel is ESPN on Sparklight

ESPN is all about sports, such as broadcasting sports news, analysis, highlights, live scores, or documentaries.

ESPN” can be accessed on Sparklight on channel “133” in high definition (HD). On the other hand, ESPN sister channel “ESPN2” is accessible on “134”.

Sparklight also has other ESPN channels, such as ESPNU or ESPNews, however, they require a higher plan than a standard one.

How to Find ESPN on Sparklight For Specific Area

To locate the ESPN channel on Sparklight within your area, you have to follow the instructions given in the steps.

Step 1: Go to Sparklight Channel Lineup Page

You need to go to the Sparklight official channel lineup page as allows to find stations with respect to regions.

Step 2: Provide Zip Code

On the page, it has a zip code field which needs to be filled to get the accurate ESPN channel for your area.

Step 3: Choose a Service Area

Sparklight will ask you for choosing the area from where the services are being used– click on your area.

Note: For some regions, it will not ask to select an area first.

Step 4: Get ESPN Channel From List

Scroll below to see the displayed ESPN channel for Sparklight TV. As the list indicates that ESPN is available on channel 133 while ESPN2 is on 134.

How to Get Schedule of Sparklight ESPN Channel

Schedules are necessary to stay tuned for upcoming programmings of a channel. To stay updated with ESPN channel shows, follow the mentioned procedure:

  • Navigate to URL “” using your browser.
  • Click on “All Networks” and select “ESPN” from the dropdown menu as it can be seen in the given screenshot.
  • Now, either switch the button from “Live Now” to “Upcoming” or “Replay” to get the exact timings.
  • Consider specifying the days from the top side to have a broader overview and details about sports games or shows

That’s all about what channel is ESPN on Sparklight.


For the streamings of ESPN on Sparklight, explore channel “133” countrywide. However, ensure you have the Standard package of Sparklight as it contains the ESPN channel. Moreover, you can also stream ESPN2 on channel 134 without downgrading or upgrading your Sparklight plan. This tutorial has shown what channel is ESPN on Sparklight.

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