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What Channel is Fox News on Spectrum Network

Fox News on Spectrum: You have an active Spectrum connection/package but are unable to find the Fox News channel. Sit back as this guide will explore the Spectrum channels and get the Fox News for you.

What Channel is Fox News on Spectrum Network

Fox News broadcasts political affairs controversies, celebrities, and other news including crimes to make viewers aware of surrounding happenings. Fox News streaming is broadcast through multiple sources or operators, such as Spectrum.

Fox News channel on Spectrum varies from region to region within the premises of the United States. However, it can be streamed with high definition on Charter Spectrum without any regional conditions.

To watch the Fox News on Spectrum, follow the listed territories along with the channel.

Cleveland: 352, 38

Corpus Christi: 202, 55

Indianapolis: 303, 59

San Diego: 202, 37

Lexington: 406, 40

Buffalo: 202, 44

El Paso: 202, 34

Anaheim: 202, 40

Bakersfield: 1081, 81

Montgomery: 787, 36

Raleigh: 202, 58

Durham: 202, 58

New York: 202, 44

Kansas City: 202, 60

Cincinnati: 352, 84

Louisville: 406, 44

San Antonio: 202, 60

Los Angeles: 202, 32

Reno: 746, 46

Dallas: 717, 54

Charlotte: 202, 57

Albany: 202, 70

Long Beach: 747, 47

Milwaukee: 352, 48

Birmingham: 303, 53

Austin: 202, 48

What Package Supports Fox News on Spectrum

Spectrum offers multiple cable packages to its users which include both local and premium channels. Purchasing a plan specifically for one channel also gives access to other Spectrum channels

Fox News Channel on Spectrum is available in the TV Select Plan as well as in the TV Select Signature plan. Fox News streaming is not accessible in the Hispanic language, therefore, it cannot be found in Spectrum Mi Plan Latino.

Fox News Shows and Schedule

Fox News is a 24/7 streaming channel that brings multiple shows of different categories and time-to-time news. Some popular shows on Fox News are:

  • Fox & Friends
  • American Newsroom
  • America Reports
  • Outnumbered
  • The Story
  • The Five
  • Hannity
  • Fox News @ Night

To find the schedule of Fox News streaming, visit their official platform to get the current day and next day timings.

Fox News Channel on Other Providers

Fox News is one of the popular News channels covering almost all terrorities of  America. As the supply and demand rule, it is supplied to the viewers from many sources to fulfill the demand. The sources/provider which offers Fox News in their services are:

  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Cox
  • Xfinity
  • Mediacom
  • AT&T U-verse

That’s all from what channel is Fox News on Spectrum.


To watch the Fox News Channel on Spectrum, navigate to channel 202 as it covers the majority of the States. However, if the channel cannot be located due to Spectrum’s inconsistent nature, follow the section mentioned in the article indicating all channels containing Fox News on Spectrum. Ensure activating the TV Select Signature or Plus plan of the Spectrum before accessing Fox News. This write-up has provided a walkthrough of what channel Fox News is on Spectrum.

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