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What Channel is Fox on Sparklight?

Looking for Fox channel while exploring Sparklight stations one by one? Fox is America’s popular channel which broadcasts multiple categorized shows or series through multiple cable providers, such as DirecTV, Spectrum, and Sparklight.

This guide will cover what channel is Fox on Sparklight and which plan needs to be purchased for it.


Fox channel requires Sparklight Economy package for the streaming. The Economy package contains a total of 30 channels including Fox. 

So, you need to activate the Economy plan of Fox on Sparklight before getting to the target channel.

Note: Fox has sister channels, such as Fox News, Fox Sports, or Fox Deports but they need a higher plan than Economy for streaming.

What Channel is Fox on Sparklight

Fox” is available on Sparklight and can be accessed on channel “6” whether you use “Sparklight TV” or “Cable TV”. 

However, Sparklight channels sometimes vary from region to other providers, therefore, it is necessary to get the accurate channel of Fox for your area using the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Sparklight Channel Lineup

Go to “” and enter your area zip code in the required field.

Step 2: Click Search Button

Once the zip code is entered, use the “SEARCH” button to proceed further.

Step 3: Check Fox From List

Either select Cable TV or Sparklight TV as per your connection and explore the Fox channel from the below-shown list. 

This is how you can get an accurate channel of Fox on Sparklight for your area respectively.

How to Get Fox Channel Schedule on Sparklight

To learn about the timing of Fox channel streamings, navigate to “” and switch the options from the top as per your preferences.

You can see the coming Live shows of the day, programmings of tomorrow, or upcoming days and then watch them on Sparklight.

That’s all from what channel is Fox on Sparklight.


To watch Fox on Sparklight, go to channel “six” regardless you are accessing Sparklight services through an app or by cable connection. However, make sure you have Economy package before jumping to the mentioned channel. 

To always get the accurate channel of Fox according to any area, follow the Sparklight channel lineup service. This article has explained what channel is Fox on Sparklight.

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