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What Channel is Bravo on Spectrum TV

Bravo channel is the source of awesome movies and fine arts programmings across the country. If you are looking for assistance in locating Bravo channel after having the Spectrum connection, this guide will explain how to do so.


For NBCUniversal Bravo channel streamings, any of below mentioned Spectrum packages is essentially needed:

  • TV Select Signature
  • TV Select Plus
  • Mi Plan Latino (for Spanish language content)

Note: Area matters when it comes to finding the Bravo channel, so ensure you have noted the right channel for your region before navigating towards it.

What Channel is Bravo on Spectrum TV

Bravo on Spectrum can be located on channel 167 in high definition in various regions, such as California and New York. Additionally, channels 54 and 50 contain Bravo in Washington, Delphos, and Kansa City.

Follow the given channels for different regions on which Bravo can be watched in high or standard definition.

CitiesBravo Channel (Spectrum)
Los Angeles76, 167
NewYork18, 167
Washington54, 748
Big Bear Lake/Victorville86
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown38
Manteo, NC51
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties51, 1295
Kansas City50
Madison Area59
Oscoda, MI63
Port Clinton59
Waverly, OH40
San Antonio23

If you cannot find the Spectrum Bravo channel for your region, follow the next section.

Finding Bravo on Spectrum for Any Region

An alternate way to find the Bravo channel on Spectrum for any region is to utilize third-party tools, such as zap2it. Such tools provide single or multiple channel numbers on which specific stations can be accessed.

Using Zap2it to Locate Bravo on Spectrum (Steps)

Zap2it makes US and CA residents eligible to explore their cable operators’ channel lineup specifically for their region. Here are the steps for using this platform to locate the Bravo channel on Spectrum:

Step 0: Navigate to Zap2it official platform by using this link.

Step 1: Now, you have to perform four actions:

  1. Click the Change Provider button
  2. Enter the accurate five-digit zip code of your area
  3. Hit the Find Providers button
  4. Choose Charter Spectrum 
Bravo on Charter Spectrum

Step 2: Now utilize the Find Channels button and search “Bravo” in the search bar to get the Bravo channel details.

Bravo on Spectrum

As I have used the zip code 78666, it has shown that in San Marcos, Bravo is available on channels 62 and 167. 


What channel is Bravo on Spectrum in California?

Bravo is accessible on Spectrum on channel 167 in high definition. It can also be located through third-party tool zap2it by providing your zip code

What channel is Bravo in NewYork on Spectrum?

In New York, one can find Bravo on channel 167 on Spectrum. Additionally, it can also be found on channel 167.

What channel is Bravo on Spectrum in Ohio?

To search Bravo on Spectrum in Ohio, go to zap2it, change your provider, and enter your zip code. Then selecting Charter Spectrum will provide you with an exhaustive list, simply explore and get the Bravo channel number from it.

What channel is Bravo on Spectrum in Georgia?

In Georgia, Bravo is on channel 50 and 727 on Spectrum. However, it is suggested to use zap2it as explained in this article to accurately identify the station number for your location.


To access the Bravo on Spectrum, navigate to channel 167. However, it is necessary to activate any of the regular Spectrum packages. Alternatively, zap2it can also be utilized to identify the Bravo channel specifically for a region. That’s all from what channel is Bravo on Spectrum and how to find it within a territory.

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