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What Channel is Discovery on Spectrum

Love watching Discovery Channel or Discovery Family in your free time but unable to find it on Spectrum? Worry not, Discovery channel is available on Spectrum just like other cable operators and can be streamed in SD as well as in HD. Let’s walk through this guide to learn what channel is Discovery on Spectrum.

Important Things to Know

Before navigating to the Discovery channel directly, make sure:

  1. You have a Spectrum connection or application
  2. You have an active Spectrum package
  3. You live in an area where the Discovery Channel is available

Whether you have a TV Select Signature or Plus plan, you are eligible for Discovery Channel streamings on Spectrum. Subscribers of Mi Plan Latino can also enjoy Discovery Channel in Spanish or supported language.

What Channel is Discovery on Spectrum

To stream Discovery on Spectrum, you need to consider your location, as Spectrum channel availability varies by region. Each region has a different Discovery channel number on Spectrum. It is not only with Discovery Channel, almost all other channels vary on Spectrum, such as TBS, Bravo, or Hallmark. So, a detailed table is shown below that contains the Discovery Channel with respect to every area:

ALBirmingham27, 147
Montgomery40, 779
Bakersfield55, 401, 1401
Big Bear Lake/Victorville69
Long Beach69, 769
Los Angeles73
San Diego44
INIndianapolis33, 147, 1147
KYLexington4, 461
Louisville38, 461, 936
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown56
NVReno42, 767
New York66
Cincinnati79, 130, 1130
Cleveland54, 130, 1130
Columbus22, 461, 935
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties34, 1256
Port Clinton24
Corpus Christi8
Dallas37, 789
El Paso59
San Antonio30
WIMadison Area40
Milwaukee41, 130, 1130

If you are unable to locate the channel number for your city, it means Discovery is not accessible in your area. You can contact Spectrum support to learn more about Discovery Channel availability or information.

Alternate Way to Locate Discovery Channel on Spectrum

Discovery Channel on Spectrum can be found specifically for a location by providing a zip code to third-party tools that provide such services. A third-party web-based application “zap2it” offers users an accurate channel by only providing zip and cable providers. Let’s explore the steps of using zap2it to get the Discovery Channel.

Step 1: Go to address “” but ensure you are currently in the United States or Canada to access this site.

Step 2: Change the default provider to Spectrum by clicking the “Change Provider” button.

Step 3: Manually enter the zip code and select Charter Spectrum.

Step 4: After that, use the “Find Channels” button and type the keyword “DSC” in the field to find all the available Discovery Channels within your territory.

Bonus: What Channel is Discovery Family on Spectrum

Disney Network does not power only one channel, it owns multiple channels and brings awesome streamings on them. So, if you are interested in finding the Discovery Family channel on Spectrum, follow the below table: 

CitiesDiscovery Family (Spectrum)
Bucyrus/Galion98, (872 Latino View)
Big Bear Lake/Victorville104, (273 Latino View)
Manteo, NC91, (211 Latino View)
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown72
Delphos111, (872 Latino View)
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties102, 1108
Kansas City266, (924 Latino View)
Madison Area94, (260 Latino View)
Newburgh338, (294 Latino View)
Oscoda, MI18, (309 Latino View)
Port Clinton111, (872 Latino View)
San Antonio266, (924 Latino View)
Waverly, OH99, (872 Latino View)

Final Words on What Channel is Discovery on Spectrum

That’s all from what channel is Discovery on Spectrum. Now you are able to exactly find Discovery Channel with respect to your region. You can adopt both, a third-party way, or follow the table to explore Discovery Channel within your location.

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