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What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum

Excited to know “What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum” while willing to watch some family entertainment shows. So, just stay excited because this article will describe on which channel Spectrum you can stream Hallmark station.


Consider activating any Spectrum package to have access to Hallmark Channel, such as “TV Select Signature”, “Mi Plan Latino”, or “TV Select Plus

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum

By having any package, you will also be able to access one more sister channel of Hallmark which is “Hallmark Movies & Mysteries”.

The edge of getting Spectrum packaging specifically for Hallmark will also give you access to a bundle of other entertainment channels.

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum TV

To find “what channel is Hallmark on Spectrum” within your area, two following methods can be followed.

  • Finding Hallmark on Spectrum With Hallmark Channel Locator
  • Finding Hallmark on Spectrum With Zap2it

Method 1: Finding Hallmark on Spectrum with Hallmark Channel Locator

Hallmark channel locator allows you to search channels for different cable providers including Spectrum precisely for a region. To use Hallmark channel finder, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open Hallmark Channel Locator Page

Go to “” through any browser to open Hallmark channel locator official page.

Step 2: Provide Zip Code

Get the valid 5-digit zip code of your area and enter it within the zip code field given on Hallmark Channel Locator page.

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum 1

Step 3: Find Spectrum

All the available channel providers in your area will appear once the zip code is entered. Such as entering the “90001” indicates that “Hallmark Channel” can be found in “California” on “780/123” or “88/80”. Moreover, it has also enlisted that “Hallmark Movies & Mysteries” channel is on “781” and “81/629/89

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum 2

Want to learn about a third-party web application that can find all cable provider channels in America and Canada? Let’s jump to the next section.

Method 2: Finding Hallmark on Spectrum With Zap2it

Alternatively, zap2it can be utilized to get the Hallmark channel details for Spectrum provider. To utilize the zap2it, follow the given instructions.

Step 1: Navigate to Zap2it

Open the zap2it by navigating to the address “” and hit the “Change Provider” button to replace the default selected provider.

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum 3

Step 2: Click on Charter Spectrum

Press “Find Providers” button after filling in the zip code field and select “Charter Spectrum

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum 4

Step 3: Explore the Hallmark from Results

Either scroll the list and identify Hallmark channels or utilize the FInd Channels button to make a quick search.

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum 5

As we have given “10001” zip code which is basically for “New York”, zap2it has shown that Hallmark in the NY area can be watched on channel “84” or “123”.

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum 6

Bonus: List of Hallmark Channels on Spectrum for Different Regions

To watch the Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries within a territory of the United States, follow the channels given in the table:

StateCityHallmarkHallmark M&M
CaliforniaLos Angeles88, 12389, 629
Anaheim88, 12389, 629
San Diego88, 12389, 629
Bakersfield6074, 643, 1390
Long Beach80, 78081, 781
NevadaReno27, 90732
TexasCorpus Christi65, 12388, 629
El Paso12388, 629
Austin39, 12351, 629
San Antonio53, 12384, 629
Dallas46, 8246, 836
AlabamaBirmingham41, 128, 1128601, 1601
Montgomery93, 73682, 863
KentuckyLexington260, 98751, 261, 262
Louisville68, 260, 98758, 261, 262
North CarolinaCharlotte23, 12378, 629
Raleigh55, 12378, 629
Durham55, 12378, 629
IndianaIndianapolis57, 128, 112887, 601, 1601
WisconsinMilwaukee62, 113, 1113117, 1117
MissouriKansas City61, 12371, 629
OhioCleveland40, 113, 1113117, 1117
Cincinnati32, 113, 111352, 1117
Columbus62, 260, 98764, 117, 1117
New YorkAlbany77, 12376, 629
New York84, 123629
Buffalo63, 12385, 629

That’s how you can efficiently find what channel is Hallmark on Spectrum.


To know what channel is Hallmark on Spectrum, you can either use “Hallmark Channel Locator” or a third-party channel finder tool “zap2it”. Both channel finders will provide you with the exact station according to the region on which Hallmark can be streamed. However, Spectrum any regular package is required before navigating any of Hallmark Network channels.

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