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What Channel is TNT on DirecTV

DirecTV is an extremely reliable TV services provider which broadcasts its channels through satellite. DirecTV channels can also be accessed in case of having DirecTV internet services. Due to this reliability, the user often prefers watching their favorite channels through DirecTV for a smooth and HD experience, such as TNT

This article will describe what channel is TNT on DirecTV.

What is TNT Channel?

TNT is a classic type of channel that broadcasts classic television series and movies. TNT jumped into the media industry in 1988 and gained popularity with the passage of time TNT can be streamed through different cable operators, such as Cox, optimum, and DirecTV. 

What Channel is TNT on DirecTV?

On DirecTV, TNT can be watched either by having a satellite or internet package. If you have one of them, get the TNT channel number from the following section as per your active connection.

TNT on DirecTV Satellite

The users who are viewing DirecTV channels through the Satellite package can find the TNT channel on 245. For TNT West HD, the channel number is 245-1.

TNT on DirecTV Internet

Streamers who have active internet services of DirecTV can also find the TNT channel on 245. TNT West HD is not available for DirecTV internet users.

Which DirecTV Stream Package is Required for TNT?

Fortunately, the TNT channel is available in all packages basic to standard and from standard to advanced bundles of DirecTV. If you have an Entertainment, Choice, or Ultimate subscription, you are good to access TNT.

How to Watch TNT Without Cable Connection?

In case having issues with your cable connection or not having cable at all, you can stream the TNT channel by using their official platform. Simply access the and from the top left, tap on three horizontal lines to make the menu slide out. Select the Live TV option as it will open up the live streaming page of TNT.

Choose TNT East or West according to your preference to start streaming TNT TV.

It will allow you to watch TNT for five minutes without signing in. Once the time runs out, it will show the sign-in button which needs to be clicked to continue.

Click the Sign In button from the TNT Live TV page and it will show you the TV service providers. Select one such as DirecTV or click the View All TV Providers button to see more TV networks. 

On selecting the TV network, it will redirect you to the login page on that TV network platform. Enter the credentials of the account to get connected with TNT successfully and continue watching the TNT shows.

That’s all about accessing the TNT from DirecTV.


TNT channel can be streamed on DirecTV through channel number 245 from both satellite and internet services. To watch TNT live, TNT West can be accessed on 245-1 while TNT East is not available on DirecTV. This tutorial has explained what channel is TNT on DirecTV and how it can be accessed in case of non-availability of cable connection.

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