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What Channel is Univision on Spectrum

Thinking “what channel is Univision on Spectrum” while going through different Spanish language content stations. Do not worry as this guide will explain on what channel Univision can be found with the help of the given outline:


Univision channel on Spectrum is supported in “Mi Plan Latino” package, so you need to activate it before navigating to the target station.

Univision on Spectrum 6

If you have a TV Select Plus package or TV Select Signature, you need to upgrade your plan to Mi Plan Latino as they do not include Univision or any of its variants. 

However, you can always explore the Spectrum add-on channels or contact Spectrum support to have the right information about accessing Univision with an active package within your region.

What Channel is Univision on Spectrum

Univision channel is a full pack of Spanish version entertainment as it broadcasts news, sports, sitcoms, dramas, different series, films, etc.

Univision is available on Spectrum but with different channels for each region around the United States. To have the streamings of Univision, explore the channel in your area from the given table.

CitiesUnivision Channel (Spectrum)
Bucyrus/Galion19, 840
Big Bear Lake/Victorville6, 264
Manteo, NC200, 236
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown240, 840
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties15, 901, 1015, 1901
Kansas City26, 895
Madison Area21, 203
Newburgh357, 382
Oscoda, MI300, 302, 834
Port Clinton49, 840
San Antonio8, 895
Waverly, OH240, 840

Note: On some channels, different variants of Univision can be accessed regarding the area, such as Univision tlnovelas, KMEX – Univision, or WVEA – Univision HD.

If you want to watch Univision using a mobile or desktop device, simply use this link to directly access the live streamings. If you are already logged in on Spectrum, it will not request for credentials again.

Alternate Way to Find Univision on Spectrum in Your Area

To locate the Univision channel within your area without any hassle, follow the below-described steps.

Step 1: Access Zap2it

Zap2it is a platform that provides listings of channels for all regions across America and Canada. Add “” in your browser address bar to go to the site.

Step 2: Set Channel Provider

On zap2it, use the “Change Provider” button to select your cable operator, for that, enter the zip code and press “Find Providers

Univision on Spectrum 4

Suppose, I have to check about Univision channel availability in NewYork, I’ll enter my area code which is 10001, and select the Charter Spectrum after clicking the find providers button.

Univision on Spectrum 3

Step 3: Search Univision From List

Next, scroll a little bit down and then scroll up to get the “Find Channel” button on Desktop devices.

Univision on Spectrum 2

Enter “Univision” in the search bar and all related results of the Univision channel will be shown right under it.

Univision on Spectrum 1

For mobile devices, you can only use the channel finding bar from the top to get Univision from the exhaustive list.

Univision on Spectrum

How to Access Univision Channel Schedule on Spectrum

Getting a hands-on schedule will never let us miss any favorite show. You can learn about the timings of Univision shows for upcoming days by following this link

Some of the Univision shows you can stream on Spectrum are:

  • Contacto deportivo
  • Nosotros los guapos
  • Noticiero Univisión: Fin de semana
  • La jugada

That’s all from what channel is Univision on Spectrum.


To find Univision of Spectrum, navigate to 41, 801, 1224 in New York or 10, 802, 1224 in California. Univision channel varies from area to area on Spectrum, so using the zap2it is useful in such cases. Spectrum Mi Plan Latino package is necessary to have access to the broadcasting of the Univision channel. This post has covered what channel Univision on Spectrum can be found.

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