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What Channel is NBA TV on Spectrum? – Channel Guide

Wondering “What Channel is NBA TV on Spectrum” while searching the other sports channels. NBA is a great 24/7 basketball sports broadcasting channel which is available in HD on Spectrum.

This article will explore what channel NAB TV on Spectrum Network is using the below outline:

What Channel is NBA TV on Spectrum Network

National Basketball Association (NBA) TV broadcasts live matches, amazing sports documentaries, and different talk shows. 

NBA TV on Spectrum can be enjoyed on channel 308 in various territories of America. However, Spectrum assigns NBA TV on different channels by keeping the regions in view, such as it can also be accessed on 325, 336, and 418 depending on the location. 

Check the given table filled with territories along with channels on which NBA TV can be found on Charter Spectrum.

StatesCodesNBA TV Channel
El PasoTX308
San DiegoCA308
ClevelandOH325, 1325
Kansas CityMO308
Long BeachCA475, 835
New YorkNY308
MilwaukeeWI325, 1325
LexingtonKY568, 569
Corpus ChristiTX308
LouisvilleKY568, 569
San AntonioTX308
ColumbusOH568, 569
BakersfieldCA112, 1112

Package Requirements for NBA TV on Spectrum

To have NBA TV on Spectrum, it is necessary to select the right package that contains the NBA channel. On Spectrum, TV Select Plus package allows you to stream the NBA TV on the above mentioned channels.

Also, having the Spectrum Sports View package will also get you access to NBA TV along with other premium sports channels, such as NFL or NHL.

Moreover, NBA League Pass is also available for Spectrum users so they can get access to 40 other games that are out of the market and cannot be accessed elsewhere. To get the NBA League pass, consider visiting the Spectrum NBA page through this link.

How NBA League Pass is Different From NBA TV

NBA TV is a channel that is offered by different providers including Spectrum so you can stream sports analysis, highlights, or live matches all related to basketball.

While NBA League Pass is a subscription-based service which gets you the extra broadcasts of more than thirty-eight games in a week.

Both NBA TV and NBA are part of the National Basketball Association and worked on different models with the same purpose of keeping sports lovers tuned with every victory or defeat. You can use the Spectrum services for the programming of NBA TV and NBA League Pass.

How to Get Sports Schedule of NBA TV on Spectrum

To get the complete schedule of upcoming NBA TV sports games, you can always visit the NBA platform schedule page on URL

NBA TV schedule lists all the games that you can stream on the specified day. It shows details about teams along with the area or location of the sports. 


To stream NBA TV on Spectrum, navigate to channel 308 after having the TV Select Plus or Sports View bundle. Spectrum’s distinct channels nature for every region may lead you to explore more channels for NBA TV which are mentioned in this blog. This write-up has given a complete explanation of what channel is NBA TV channel on Spectrum.

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