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What Channel is PBS On Spectrum TV

PBS falls under the media and news category that broadcasts unbiased reportings or analyses and original shows. Additionally, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) covers a broad spectrum of entertainment by presenting programs related to food, art, music, parents, and kids. The digital resources of PBS offer useful learning material for different ages of individuals.

PBS utilizes its platform and cable providers to make its broadcasts reach viewers, such as DirecTV, Dish, or Spectrum. This article will clarify how to access the programmings of PBS through Spectrum.


PBS requires any of the regular plans of Spectrum, such as TV Select Signature or Plus. Mi Plan Latino also makes you eligible to have hands-on the PBS channel.

PBS Kids can be watched on Spectrum as well– as it is an add-on channel. For PBS Kids, get the Spectrum Family Entertainment package.

Getting any specific plan only for PBS will provide leverage to have other premium and local channels too.

What Channel is PBS on Spectrum TV

Spectrum ensures the stations remain accessible to its users even if one region’s channels vary from another region. 

PBS also vary area to area for Spectrum users, however, it can be found easily on the mentioned channels:

CitiesPBS Channel (Spectrum)
Big Bear Lake/Victorville24
Manteo, NC3, 185, 189
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown/Waverly9, 12, 303
Kansas City11, 19
Madison Area3
Newburgh9, 196, 918
Oscoda, MI12
Port Clinton2, 3, 990
San Antonio10
Waverly, OH7, 11

To watch the PBS SoCal World, navigate to channel 198 within the area of Big Bear Lake and Victorville. PBS SoCal is specifically dedicated to the premises of South California. Although, make sure you have the right Spectrum plan activated before watching the channel.

Alternative Way to Locate or Verify PBS Channel on Spectrum

To locate PBS channel in your region accurately or to verify if the Spectrum given channel lineup is correct regarding PBS, follow the instructions below steps:

Step 1: Open zap2it Platform

Zap2it is a platform that provides the complete channel listing of multiple cable operators in the United States. Simply launch the browser and type in the address bar.

Step 2: Choose Provider

On the zap2it site, click the choose provide option as indicated in the below screenshot.

Step 3: Select Charter Spectrum

Enter the zip code in the required field and hit enter or click Find Provider. Next, click the Charter Spectrum on the appearance of search results.

As we have entered 10005 as our zip code, it has listed which providers are available in New York, especially in that area.

Step 4: Explore the List and Find PBS

An exhaustive list of Spectrum channels will be displayed, simply scroll the list and explore all the PBS channels from it. 

Scroll to the end of the page because there could be PBS multiple channels in your region on Spectrum.

You can also use the Find Channel button from the top and type PBS in the search bar to make zap2it pop out all the PBS channels.

What Channel is PBS Kids on Spectrum

PBS Kids is a wonderful source of learning for little ones as it has multiple shows, games, and videos that promote educational content.

To get the PBS Kids on Spectrum, get the Family Entertainment bundle as mentioned above and then navigate to the below-specified channels along with areas.

CitiesPBS Kids Channel (Spectrum)
Big Bear Lake/Victorville172
Manteo, NC188
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown/Waverly310
Kansas City1277
Madison Area188
Oscoda, MI194
Port Clinton995
San Antonio93
Waverly, OH994

How to Access Other PBS Channels on Spectrum

There is a PBS Plus service that gets you the most of PBS content in one place, such as children’s content, news, or primetime shows. On Spectrum, PBS Plus is an on-demand station that is on channel Bucyrus or Galion.

Similarly, PBS Encore is one of the variants of PBS that is available in Kansa City on Spectrum channel 1275. To acquire or learn more about these and other variants of PBS, get in touch with Spectrum support using the 24×7 number 888.369.2408. 

How to Watch PBS if Spectrum not Working

Maintenance or temporary outages are common for cable providers to make the user’s experience better by upgrading or fixing issues. 

In case Spectrum is not available, you can utilize the following ways to access the PBS streaming

  1. Spectrum Mobile Application
  2. PBS Official Platform

Spectrum Mobile Application

With the Spectrum existing account that has a purchased package, can be used for PBS channel broadcasts. Simply get the Spectrum TV app, log in, and go to the Live TV section to have PBS streaming.

PBS Official Platform

On the PBS website, click the Live TV button from the navigation menu and you will be redirected to the Livestream page. Alternatively, use the URL for watching the PBS channel without Spectrum TV.


To get started with the live streams of the PBS channel on Spectrum, add the Spectrum package to your account which has PBS. Next, visit zap2it platform, choose your area by giving zip code, and select the Spectrum provider. Next, explore the list and find all PBS channels available on Spectrum with respect to your region. Navigating the PBS fetched stations will allow you successfully watch the PBS on the given channels on Spectrum. This blog has described what channel is PBS and PBS Kids on Spectrum.

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