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What Channel is QVC on Spectrum TV

Exploring “What Channel is QVC on Spectrum” while wondering about shopping for something interesting. No doubt QVC can give you the heart-winning idea about shopping for a product. Stick with this article as it will explain that on what station you can find the QVC on Spectrum.

What Channel is QVC on Spectrum TV

QVC promotes home shopping within the premises of America by broadcasting shows that connect them with customer services or different brands/stores. It is itself a shopping service which has been serving users from a long time.

QVC channel on Spectrum can be found on unique channels regarding the regions. It is due to the Spectrum model which has inconsistencies in channels from area to area. To find the QVC within your region, follow the given table:

CitiesQVC Channel (Spectrum)
Big Bear Lake/Victorville112
Manteo, NC105
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown/Waverl145
Kansas City159
Madison Area16
Oscoda, MI137
Port Clinton175
San Antonio159
Waverly, OH175

What Channel is QVC2 on Spectrum

QVC2 is the extended version of QVC which brought more and different programmings related to home shopping.  For the streamings of QVC2 on Spectrum, follow the below-mentioned channels:

CitiesQVC2 Channel (Spectrum)
Big Bear Lake/Victorville179
Manteo, NC147
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown/Waverl517
Kansas City481
Madison Area131
Oscoda, MI147
Port Clinton179
San Antonio481
Waverly, OH179

What Channel is QVC3 on Spectrum TV

QVC3 is similar to QVC2 and QVC which also have the same purpose of promoting different products through their streamings. QVC3 on Spectrum is available on the channels which are described below:

CitiesQVC3 Channel (Spectrum)
Big Bear Lake/Victorville209
Manteo, NC280
Morganfield Sturgis/Uniontown/Waverl389
Kansas City195
Madison Area344
Oscoda, MI242
Port Clinton183
San Antonio195
Waverly, OH183

Which Spectrum Packages Have QVC Channels?

Choosing one of Spectrum’s regular TV Select packages includes QVC and QVC2 channels. It is essential to choose the plan first before navigating to any channel on which Spectrum has QVC.

QVC on Spectrum

Along with having the QVC in relevant packages, Spectrum users can enjoy more channels that are already added to other channels.

What to Watch on Spectrum QVC Channels

There are some broadcasts of the QVC which are worth streaming for the window shopping lovers, such as:

  • Skechers
  • AM Style With Leah Williams
  • Barefoot Dreams – California Style
  • LOGO by Lori Goldstein
  • Isaac Mizrahi Live
  • PM Style With Amy Stran
  • Shawn on Style

To have the schedule of QVC streaming, navigate to their platform and explore the schedule page.

Other QVC Cable Providers

QVC channels are popular countrywide and this attracts the viewership– where is the viewership there are the giant cable operators. 

Cable providers that also bring live QVC broadcasting are:

  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Fubo
  • Verizon FiOS
  • Sling

That’s all what channel is QVC on Spectrum


For the stream of the QVC channel on Spectrum, either go to channel 175 or 159. To watch QVC2, move to channel 179 on Spectrum. However, having a TV Select Signature plan of Spectrum or TV Select Plus is a must. This guide has indicated on what channel QVC is on Spectrum.

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