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What is com.lge.qmemoplus and How to Uninstall it?

LG is a “South Korean Multinational Electronics Brand” that makes electronics products, such as TV and Smartphones. The LG smartphone comes with many package files that help the operating system of the device to function properly. The com.lge.qmemoplus is a package file in which com stands for developer, lge stands for LG Electronics, and qmemoplus is the app name on the LG device.

This article will elaborate briefly on com.lge.qmemoplus and the two methods to delete this package file from LG devices.

What is com.lge.qmemoplus?

The “com.lge.qmemoplus” is the package file name of the Quick Memo+ application on LG smartphones. This application assists us to capture the screenshot and make a memo on it. For example, if we want to help our friend by describing the right address of our location. We can do this by editing the screenshot of the map using quick memo+.   

How to Take Screenshots and Make Its Memos on a Device

The steps are given below to take the screenshot and make a memo on it.

Step 1: Swipe down the status bar of the smartphone and tap on the quick memo+ icon.

Step 2: Use the pen, colors, and other tools to make our own memo.

Step 3: After making the memo, simply hit the “Save” icon at the upper side of the screen. The memo will be saved on our phone Gallery.

These steps will make the memo of the screenshot.

Is com.lge.qmemoplus is malware or spyware

No”, the com.lge.qmemoplus is not malware or spyware. The Quick Memo+ is a legitimate and secure application to use. It just helps us to make the memo of the screenshot and share it with family members and friends. 

Can we uninstall the com.lge.qmemoplus?

Yes”, we can uninstall this application by two methods which are described below:

  • Utilizing ADB(Android Debug bridge).
  • Utilizing third-party Apps.

Let’s explain both methods briefly:

Method 1: Utilizing ADB(Android Debug Bridge)

To utilize the ADB(Android Debug Bridge), follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First, Launch the device settings and pick the “About Phone” option. After that, Hit the “Build number” at least 7 to 8 times and then return to the settings menu. Next, tap the “advanced” option and hit the developers option. Finally, enable the “USB debugging” option from the developer menu.

Step 2: Download the ADB on the computer by clicking here.

Step 3: After installing, extract the zip file into the folder of the ADB.

Step 4: In the folder, on the blank surface, press the shift+Right-click and then select the “open command windows here/ open PowerShell windows here”.

Step 5: Enter the adb devices command in that window.

Step 6: Connect the phone to the computer utilizing a USB cable.

Step 7: Set the transfer file mode on the smartphone.

Step 8: Enter the adb devices command again in the command/power shell window.

Step 9: Enter this command in the command/PowerShell window. It will delete the quick memo+ from the LG smartphone.

 pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.lge.qmemoplus

 These steps will uninstall the quick memo from the LG device.

Method 2: Utilizing Third Party App

This process requires root access to the device. After root accessing the device, follow the below-listed  steps:

Step 1: Download/install the “System App Remover” on the LG device.

Step 2: Search for com.lge.qmemoplus and tap on it.

Step 3: Hit the Uninstall option.

These steps will permanently remove the quick memo+ application from the LG device.

We have provided details of com.lge.qmemoplus and two useful methods to delete the com.lge.qmemoplus from the LG device.


The com.lge.qmemoplus is the package file in the LG devices that assists us to make the memo of the screenshot saved in the device gallery. The quick memo plus is a legitimate and safe application to use. LG Electronics makes this package file for its devices. ADB(Android Debug Bridge) and a third-party app can be utilized to uninstall this package file. This blog has covered all the details of com.lge.qmemoplus and the two methods to delete this package file.

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