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What is “Device Connected & Updated Usage Information For Some Applications” in Android

Sometimes, Google sends a mysterious notification (that can be of a product or service) to creep us out and can be very doubtful. One of the notifications we may find on the Play Store will be “device connected and updated usage information” which can be so puzzling. 

Now, the question will continue to pop up in your mind whether our mobile is hacked and information is being updated by any user. Actually, there is nothing like this and our mobile is safe. In simple, it means that Google Play Store has connected to its server and has synced the remaining unsynchronized data.

In this tutorial, we will elaborate on what is “device connected and updated usage information for some applications” in Android.

Is “Device Connected & Updated Usage Information for Some Applications” a Spyware or Virus?

The device connected simply termed as the smartphone we are currently using is associated with our Google account that is logged in and that account is now connected to Google’s server. While updated usage information for some applications shows the update of when was the last time you used that application which is logged in with the Google account. So, there is nothing to worry about as it’s not a virus or any spyware and your device is totally safe.

What is My Activity Page in Google Account?

All of the information about us is gathered by Google over time called “My Activity Page”. To access the activity on Google, sign into your Google account and then go to my Google activity. You can search for any images, maps, or YouTube activities that are included. Your data is grouped according to the current date and is shown as a timeline by default. We can also see a list of each item on the timeline by selecting the Item view from the menu button

Does My Activity Page collect all Google data on you?

No, it does not collect all of your Google data but a few Google Products are included in it. In order to access the My Activity page, the upper left corner will have a menu with different options; from there, select My Google Activity.

Deleting Activity from My Activity?

To delete the activity and erase all of the data, “My Activity” option can be used— Google personalizes our experience by collecting the data. It can create a negative impact on using Google Services when we delete a large amount of data.

  • In order to delete a single item, select the one which needs to be deleted and then click on delete. We can also delete data for particular days:
  • We can also delete all of our activity from the custom date or month. Open the “My Activity” page by clicking the menu button in the upper left corner, from there we will be able to erase the activity by day, weekly, monthly, and all time.
  • Under the search box, we can filter by date or by product to erase activity, such as any YouTube search or any image search. Now, select any of the products that we want to erase and then click on the “Search” button. After that, delete the results.

How to Delete all activity at once?

Google also provides us the option to delete all of our activity at once. Now, open up “My Activity” and select “Delete Activity by” from the menu to delete all data. Go to the date section and delete the item based on the date. Select “All time” from the option. After that, simply click on the “Delete” option to delete all the activity at once.

How to Stop Google From Saving Your Personal Data?

Google provides us with privacy settings by itself. In order to view the activities that we have allowed Google to track, go to the menu in the top left corner and then select “Activity Controls” from the menu that appears.

In this section, we will find different modules like “Device Information”, “YouTube Search History”, and “Video & Voice Activity”. There will be a toggle next to each module, so, we can deactivate them to prevent Google from saving your data activity as shown in the screenshot below: 

We have discussed what is “device connected and updated usage information” and how you can control your activity to prevent your data collected by Google.


Google sends you a mysterious notification that can be of a product or service to creep us out that can be doubtful. It’s not a virus or spyware. In fact, Google Play Store syncs the remaining unsynchronized data. Google gathered our activity data over time and in order to view/track activity, we only need to sign in to our Google account for that. Google also provides you with a privacy setting that can be toggled off to prevent our data from being collected by Google.

In this article, we have learned about what is “device connected and updated usage information for some applications” in android.

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