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What is Reset Statistics on iPhone?

iPhone devices are very smart in keeping track of activities performed in a device with the help of some utilities, such as Usage Statistics. The Usage Statistics feature will tell us the status that how we use different features of our device, such as the battery, cellular data, and all about WiFi usage. This feature is beneficial for us to recognize which app is using more battery and internet.

This blog will elaborate on details about reset statistics on iPhones.

What Does Reset Statistics Do?

The reset statistics feature can be found within “Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Usage”. The reset statistics option will erase the date of cellular and WiFi usage statistics. 

Step to Reset the Statistics on the iOS Smartphone

To reset statistics on the iPhone device, follow the below-described steps:

Step 1: Launch the settings on the iOS smartphone.

Step 2: Hit the “Cellular” option:

Step 3: Scroll down and choose the “Reset Statistics” option:

These steps will reset the statistics on the iPhone device.

We have covered all the details about reset statistics on iPhones.


The reset statistics is a feature on the iPhone device that will erase all the information of the data usage of Cellular and WiFi. This feature is very helpful if we want to track our data usage of the installed apps on the iPhone device. This process will not remove the saved password of the WiFi. This post has briefly explained the details of the reset statistics feature on the iPhone device.


Will Reset Statistics delete the saved passwords of the WiFi?

No, resetting statistics will not delete the saved passwords of the WiFi on the iPhone. It just reset the usage data information. 

What happens if I reset Usage Stats?

When we reset the usage stats, it will delete the previous information of the data usage and again start storing the new information of data usage from scratch.

How often should you reset Statistics on your iOS device?

It is recommended to reset the statistics when purchasing the new cellular plan to get accurate information on the data consumption at the next renewal. 

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