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What Does RS Mean on Snapchat Application?

Snapchat is full of surprises as it allows users to give an overview of something immediately through snaps. Moreover, it allows the users to interact with delivered messages whether they are chatting through images or text. As users become habitual of responding quickly due to the nature of the app, they often use acronyms which often makes one confused about what this means. “RS” is one of those acronyms that Snapchat users utilize more often while communicating.

So, this blog will elaborate on what RS means in the Snapchat application.

What Does RS Mean on Snapchat Application

RS indicates “Round Snap” or “Rund Snap” within the Snapchat app which means that the snap you have received is also shared with the other contacts who are in the friend list of that person. As RS presents the bulk action, so, sometimes this gets featured on or within the chat boxes for letting one know the message type. 

RS is also referred to as “Circular Snap” because a snap is rotated by an individual within its all or specific friend’s circle. Moreover, there is one more term “MS” in Snapchat which stands for “Massen Snap” and means the same as RS (Rundsnap).

Other RS Meanings in Snapchat

If the RS is used in Snapchat, it does not always mean the round snap. There is quite a possibility if someone is taking the “Rally Sport” (popular rallying cars sport), for example, “Hey have you watched RS today?”. Moreover, if you have a friend from Asia, such as from Pakistan or India, then the RS can stand for their currencies at that spot. In such ways, there could be different meanings of RS depending on the different objects, origin, or language.

Other Acronyms Meanings in Snapchat

Many abbreviations are used in Snapchat to make a quick convo with another person. For example, if someone says “SFS”, it stands for Shout-out Sunday which is mostly used to ask for shout-outs from friends and family. Similarly, S stands for snap which is probably asked to start a streak. NR is the abbreviation of no replies. On Snapchat, if someone is saying SB, it means the one is asking for a snap back because you forgot to send the snap.


Snapchat is a fun platform that allows users to interact through snaps to keep a healthy communication bond on a daily basis. There are some acronyms that are used in Snapchat which might confuse the users, such as “RC” which means round snap and is featured with messages to give a hint the snap is sent to many friends along with you. This tutorial has enlightened the meaning of RS with respect to Snapchat.

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