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What is YouTube Ambient Mode? How to Enable/Disable it?

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing and social media platforms owned by Google where users can watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own content. YouTube delivers multiple great features to its users, such as “Incognito mode”, “Autoplay”, and “Ambient mode”. 

This blog will elaborate on the Ambient mode on YouTube and provide easy steps to enable or disable it.

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube? 

YouTube added a new feature in its update called “Ambient mode”. This feature adds a color gradient to the background of the videos and makes the display of the video more “immersive”. The Ambient mode of YouTube is dynamic and automatically updates the color texture of the video very fast. We can only utilize this feature in the dark mode of YouTube while on a laptop or smartphone. When we turn on the dark mode on the smartphone, the Ambient mode automatically gets enabled behind the videos. However, on desktop computers, we have to manually enable dark mode to use this feature. 

How to Manually Enable/Disable Ambient Mode on Mobile Phones?

YouTube Ambient mode can be controlled on smart devices, such as we can manually enable and disable it. To do so, let’s get begin with the described steps.

Step 1: Enable the Dark Theme on YouTube 

First, hit the “Profile” tab and select the “Settings” option. Select the “General” choice and choose the “Appearance” option. Here, choose the “Dark theme” option as shown in the screenshot:

YouTube Ambient Mode mobile

Step 2: Play A Video

Now, play any video of your favorite creator to access the video settings option.

Step 3: Enable/Disable Ambient Mode

While playing the video, hit the “Setting” icon located in the top right corner and a popup menu will appear on the screen. Here, we can enable/disable the Ambient mode on YouTube:

YouTube Ambient Mode dark

These steps allow us to manually enable or disable the Ambient mode.

How to Enable/Disable Ambient Mode on Desktop?

To enable/disable YouTube Ambient mode on PC and Laptops, we are going to follow the below-described steps:

Step 1: Access YouTube

Open YouTube in any browser on the PC or laptop by navigating to this link.

Step 2: Enable Dark Theme 

Click on the “Profile” tab and hit the “Appearance” tab. Choose the “Dark theme” option:

YouTube Ambient Mode pc

Step 3: Play Video

We can only access the video settings option by playing a video. So, play any available video to proceed further.

Step 4: Enable/Disable Ambient Mode

Tap the gear icon also known as settings and toggle the Ambient mode switch right or left to enable/disable it:

YouTube Ambient Mode pc

The Ambient mode also works even on the “Theater/Cinema mode” as it can be verified from the below image:

YouTube Ambient Mode laptop

We have wrapped up the details about the Ambient mode and the steps to enable or disable it on YouTube.


“YouTube Ambient mode” will lighten the color texture of the videos to enhance the display quality of the videos. This mode will only work when the dark mode is enabled on YouTube. We can enable and disable the Ambient mode by turning on the dark mode from the general settings of YouTube. After that, play a YouTube video and hit the “Setting” icon. Here, toggle the switch to turn on or off the Ambient mode. This article has illustrated all the details about Ambient mode and simple steps to enable and disable it.

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