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What Channel is ESPN Plus on Cox

Searching ESPN Plus on Cox by changing your channel from one to another again and again? If you believe ESPN Plus has been missed among other channels, this article is the right place to learn about what channel is ESPN Plus on Cox.

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Cox?

Cox is an internet service as well as a cable network that provides multiple local and premium channels to its users. Almost every type of channel can be found on Cox, such as movies, news, or sports.

ESPN Plus is a sports service which is primarily served to users who purchase its subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. It is owned by ESPN network, which generally does not broadcast its streaming on cable networks.

The only way to watch ESPN Plus is through its official platform or ESPN application which can be installed on different smart devices, such as phones or TVs.

How to Get ESPN Plus on Cox TV?

To get ESPN Plus on the smart TV which has a Cox connection, consider following the below steps:

  • Find the ESPN application from the Play Store of the smart TV and install it.
  • Once ESPN app is installed successfully, log in with your ESPN Plus account.
  • Explore this guide for cost and other purchasing steps of ESPN Plus.
  • Now within ESPN application, navigate toward ESPN+ section to access the premium sports content.

How do I Watch ESPN Plus Content on Cox?

ESPN Network has multiple channels, such as ESPNU, ESPNews, or ESPN Deportes which are broadcast through cable operators.

Cox has the ESPN sisters channels which can be seen in various territories of the United States. Cox cable network provides ESPN, ESPNU, ESPNews, and ESPN2, on these channels

So, having access to these ESPN channels will allow you to watch and stay updated with the sports world. 

How to Terminate ESPN Plus Subscription

In case ESPN Plus is no longer needed or causing any issues, there is always an option for canceling subscription. Simply from your ESPN Plus account, go to your Profile and select the Subscription option from the Manage My section.

Next, the subscription will all details appear on the screen. Choose the Cancel Subscription button and confirm it by pressing the Cancel Now button to remove the ESPN+ service from your account.


Cox was known for its internet services initially but with the passage of time, it jumped into the playground of providing cable services too. It is deliberately delivering broadcasting in HD countrywide. Cox brings many live streams, such as news or sports to keep its users entertained and updated to have a fair market share. 

For sports lovers, there are multiple sports channels on Cox including ESPN and its sister channels. However, some ESPN services like ESPN Plus still need to be purchased separately and set up on TV to enjoy more sports related premium content.

This post has shown what channel is ESPN Plus on Cox.

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