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What Channel is MSNBC on DIRECTV

Wondering “What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV” while exploring other uncommon and local news channels. The wait is over because this article will explain on which channel MSNBC can be found with an active DirecTV connection.

What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV Network

MSNBC is the result of the contribution of Microsoft and NBCUniversal. It is aimed to provide coverage of political activities and other general news. 

MSNBC on DirecTV can be found for both internet and satellite services. Follow the below section as per the usability of DirecTV service for the MSNBC channel.

MSNBC for DirecTV Satellite Users:

DirecTV satellite users need to navigate to channel 356 without keeping their region in view for MSNBC

MSNBC for DirecTV Internet Users:

DirecTV internet package users cannot access MSNBC regardless of any region.

What DirecTV Package to Choose for MSNBC

For the accessibility of MSNBC broadcasting, DirecTV any of the regular packages can be activated, such as Entertainment, Choice, or Ultimate.

Moreover, it is also available in Premier and other DirecTV Spanish packages.

Getting any of the DirecTV packages specifically for the MSNBC channel will also get you access to all other available channels of that package.

How to Check MSNBC Schedule on DirecTV

To check the schedule of programs of MSNBC, use any mobile or PC that has an internet connection and go to the page

Doing so will provide all the details about MSNBC programming including hours of each day. Some of the MSNBC programs which are worth streaming on DirecTV are:

  • Morning Joe
  • Andrea Mitchell Reports
  • Chris Jansing Reports
  • Deadline: White House
  • Inside With Jen Psaki
  • At the Bottom of the Lake
  • The Weekend

What are Other MSNBC Providers

MSNBC is the second biggest channel in the country with more than seven hundred thousand daily viewers. To cover such massive viewership needs, other cable providers come into the playground with MSNBC broadcasting rights. MSBC can be watched on:

  • Dish
  • Spectrum
  • Sling
  • Fubo
  • Verizon FiOS


To watch MSNBC on DirecTV, make sure you are using satellite service and access channel 356. Having any regular package of DirecTV activated will allow you to watch MSNBC on the dedicated channel. Users with DirecTV internet package are not eligible to get the MSNBC channel in any of the packages. This blog has covered all to-the-point details excluding any fluff about what channel is MSNBC on DirecTV.

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