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What Channel is CMT on DirecTV

DirecTV is a California-based Internet and dish television provider service that delivers an unbeatable experience in its industry. DirecTV has multiple channels which can be streamed in HD, such as TNT, NASA TV, and CMT

This article will present what channel CMT is on DirecTV. So, let’s start by understanding which type of channel is CMT.

What Type of Channel is CMT (Country Music Television)?

CMT’s full form is Country Music Television and it is pretty self-explanatory from its name. CMT broadcasts lifestyle and country music-related shows, however, you can also watch sitcoms, music events, and original series on int. 

CMT keeps its viewers updated with music news, artists, and videos. Moreover, online radio and different shopping items are also part of CMT.

What Channel is CMT (Country Music) on DirecTV?

DirecTV channel lineups 1.23.22 provide a complete overview of channels and their numbers. According to the DirecTV channel lineup, you can find the CMT on the channel number 327. You can access the CMT on 327 from every state of the United States that falls under the DirecTV services range, such as Florida, Michigan, New York, etc.

CMT channel can be streamed in HD by accessing DirecTV manufactured television with must-have equipment.

In Which DirecTV Plan CMT can be Accessed?

CMT is accessible within the Choice, Ultimate, and Premier plans of DIrecTV. Luckily, CMT can also be watched even after purchasing the most basic plan Entertainment of DirecTV.

You can start watching CMT on DirecTV for $69.99 per month and enjoy even more 165 channels along with it.

How to Watch CMT if DirecTV Not Working?

In case CMT is not appearing or DirecTV is facing any sort of issues, you can always use the CMT official website to watch it live. Simply go to the CMT platform and click the LIVE TV option to stream it.

It will ask you to sign in or start the 24-hour pass, so, select a suitable option as per preferences.

That’s all how to find and watch CMT on DirecTV.


CMT is a widely popular channel that falls under the category of music across different Western countries including the United States of America. DirecTV hosts CMT and makes it accessible to its users by owning the rights to stream it through its platform. Country Music Television can be watched on channel 327 either using the DirecTV Satelite dish facility or Internet service. In this write-up, a complete walk-through is provided on what channel is CMT on DirecTV.

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