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What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV? How to Get it?

DirecTV contains a wonderful collection of all types of TV channels including local as well as premium channels, such as FX, The Weather Channel, and Peacock. Peacock is a wonderful multipurpose channel which provides different tastes in one place, for example, movies, news, Sunday sports, etc. Peacock can be streamed via different cable operators like DirecTV

In this write-up, let’s walk through what channel is Peacock on DirecTV.

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV

DirecTV provides premium add-on channels to users for customizing their experience in the best way. So in the same way, Peacock is available on DirecTV but needs to be added as an add-on channel.

Let’s learn about Peacock TV cost and integration method on DirecTV using the below section.

How to Get Peacock in DirecTV

To get the Peacock channel in DirecTV, you can use the two methods which are:

  1. Get Peacock By Logging into DirecTV Account
  2. Get Peacock By Providing Only Account Number

Method 1: Get Peacock By Logging into DirecTV Account

The DirecTV account dashboard provides complete control to users to manage settings, packages, or channels according to preferences. So, you can utilize the DirecTV account to add the Peacock channel into it. To do so, go through the given instruction.

Get Peacock in DirecTV Stream

If you are a DirecTV Stream user, then follow the given steps for the subscription to Peacock through DirecTV.

Step 1: Visit DirecTV Stream Platform

Visit and click on the Account Overview from Sign in.

If you are using a tablet or mobile device, then clicking on Sign in will directly take you to the DirecTV stream account login page.

Step 2: Choose Manage My TV Package

Now, once logged in successfully, click the Manage My TV Package button.

Step 3: Go to Premium Networks

Next, scroll a little bit, and choose the Premium Networks option. Within this section, search the Peacock channel to add it.

Step 4: Confirm and Verify

After that, follow the on-screen wizard shown by DirecTV to add the Peacock TV to your DirecTV Stream account.

Get Peacock in DirecTV

To manage the add-on channel Peacock within DirecTV, let’s walk through the given steps.

Step 1: Open DirecTV Account

Access the DirecTV and Sign in to your existing account.

Step 2: Hit Manage My TV Package

Hit the Manage My TV Package option as it will allow you to access package-related things.

Step 3: Press TV Button 

There, only click on TV so all the add-on premium channels become visible before you.

Step 4: Add Peacock

Explore and get the Peacock channel by clicking on the Add button. Next, agree with the terms to complete the process of adding Peacock to your DirecTV channels list.

This will immediately add the Peacock to your DirecTV account as all the charges will be adjusted in the monthly bill.

Method 2: Get Peacock By Providing Only Account Number

In case of an issue logging into your DirecTV account, you can always add the add-on Peacock into DirecTV using the alternate method. All you need is the Account Number of DirecTV which can be found on DirecTV bills or application

So, firstly, go to the add-one page of DirecTV using this link and click the Add channels button.

Next, select the option Pay without signing in from the bottom on the DirecTV login page.

Select a suitable option for the payment, such as DirecTV.

Enter the valid DirecTV Account Number, Billing Zip Code, and hit Continue to jump to the next step.

Add payment details by selecting the appropriate payment mode to complete the process on the checkout page. Doing so will successfully add the Peacock channel to your DirecTV account.

In case of need more assistance or to get the Peacock channel for your DirecTV account manually, dial the support number (855) 802-3473.

How Much Does Peacock Cost on DirecTV?

You can start watching Peacock on DirecTV from $3.99 monthly with taxes. The recurring cycle of payment will be $5.99 + taxes for Peacock TV on DirecTV. Peacock TV is accessible from both DirecTV dishes and internet users after a successful subscription.

How to Watch Peacock on DirecTV

Once a Peacock channel service is purchased, it makes one excited to watch suspenseful shows and other blockbuster streamings. Peacock TV can be watched using the below approaches:

  • From DirecTV Manage My TV Package

By logging into your account of DirecTV, access the Manage My TV Package section and hit the Watch Now from Peacock 

  • From Peacock Application

Install the Peacock application from the App Store or Google Play Store to stream from it.

  • From Peacock Website

Open any browser and type in the address bar to open the official platform of Peacock which can also be used for streaming purposes.

In case of trouble streaming the Peacock channel through the Peacock platform, check the mail received by DirecTV containing proper instructions and details.

That’s all about the accessibility of Peacock for streaming purposes from DirecTV.


To watch the Peacock via DirecTV, the Peacock channel needs to be added as an add-on channel. DirecTV provides ways to subscribe to premium channels like Peacock through its platform. Peacock subscription fee can be paid through DirecTV bill on a monthly basis. This post has described what channel Peacock is on DirecTV and how to stream it by accessing it without any hassle.

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