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What Channel is Paramount Plus on Dish

Are you looking for Paramount Plus on Dish when navigating between channels and still unable to locate it? Do you believe that it has not been noticed among other Dish Network channels? Let’s continue with this article as it will explain what channel is Paramount Plus on the Dish cable network.

What Channel is Paramount Plus on Dish Cable

With Paramount Plus on Dish, you will be able to access thousands of shows or episodes and different channels, such as Bet, Smithsonian Channel, or CBS. Moreover, Paramount Plus 24/7 streaming of news and sports can also be accessed.

On Dish Network, Paramount Plus with Showtime can be watched on channel 318 in HD. For Paramount Plus with Showtime West, navigate to channel 319 which is also in HD. 

Paramount+ with Showtime on Dish is the add-on bundle of 10 channels for an additional cost of $10 per month. If you are a new or existing Dish user, you can enjoy it free for 3 months when activating or managing the Dish package.

Note: Paramount+ app will not be able to sign you in with Dish TV credentials. You need to use Dish Anywhere application for Paramount+ and Showtime content.

Is Paramount Plus on Dish Channel 241?

On channel 241 on Dish, Paramount Network exists which is completely different from Paramount Plus with respect to the content. Paramount Network broadcasts a variety of entertainment shows and movies that can be accessed by millions of users.

So, Paramount Plus is an add-on channel on Dish which does not come in regular packages of Dish. It can be accessed on channels 318 and 319 on Dish as described above.

Bonus: How to Access Paramount Plus Without Dish

Dish is reliable, however, maintenance or area coverage is something on which you do not have any control. However, Paramount Plus gives you complete control by ensuring that you can have it or cancel anytime independently without any cable operator.

On Paramount Plus platform, you can independently purchase its subscription for $5.99 per month or for $11.99 for Paramount+ with Showtime. 

Once you have the Paramount Plus account, simply install the Paramount+ app on your smart device, such as a Phone, Tablet, or TV.

After having the Paramount+ app, log in with your Paramount Plus account credentials to access all the premium streams and other original content.


For the streamings of Paramount Plus on Dish, add the Paramount+ with Showtime package from add-on channels and navigate to channel 318. Paramount+ with Showtime West can be accessed on Dish channel 319. Moreover, within the add-on package of Paramount+ with Showtime, you can access 8 more channels for only $10 monthly on Dish. 

In case you want to access Paramount Network on Dish, consider selecting channel 241 for its streaming. This guide has covered in detail what channel is Paramount+ on Dish.

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