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How to Access Paramount Plus with DIRECTV

Paramount Plus is contributing around the globe in bringing movies and shows that elevate the user experience and take it to the next level. Big cable operators provide only the Paramount channel on their network for the entertainment, such as DirecTV. 

DirecTV is a cable service that has expanded within the United States and offers awesome channel broadcasting to the viewers. It provides its streaming services or different channels through satellite and internet mediums.

So let’s explore how to access Paramount Plus with DirecTV.

How to Access Paramount Plus with DIRECTV

To watch the Paramount+, you must be a DirecTV Gemini user with a working internet connection. Access the Gemini through your device by following the given steps.

Step 1: Go to Apps

Navigate to the Apps menu and launch the Google Play application to get Paramount+ from it.

Step 2: Set up Google Account

Now, sign in with your Google account or create a new one to access the application from within the store.

Step 3: Install Parmaount+

Find the Paramaount+ application using the search bar and install it once appeared

Step 4: Launch Paramount+

After that, simply open the application and sign in with your Paramount Plus account to stream it.

How to Create a Paramount Plus Account

Paramount Plus lets the viewers unlock the superb world of entertainment by providing a seven-day free trial. To get the free trial by creating the Paramount Plus account, let’s go through the following instructions which are listed below:

  • Visit the official platform of Paramount Plus.
  • Now, select the Paramount Plus displayed plan on a recurring monthly or yearly subscription.
  • Next, fill in all the empty fields, such as name, email, or password, and click the continue button to create a Paramount Plus account.
  • After creating the account successfully, follow the on-screen wizard and complete the checkout process.
  • Once all steps are completed, you can use this created account anywhere on any device where the Paramount Plus login is required for streaming.

What to Watch on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus brings suspenseful, action and other different category shows for its viewers. If you are wondering what to watch on Paramount Plus, it is worth exploring the given shows:

  • School Spirit
  • Mayor of Kingstown
  • Billions 
  • Frasier
  • Yellowjackets 

Can I Access Paramount Plus on DirecTV via Satellite

Only the Paramount channel can be accessed through the DirecTV via satellite regardless of the activated plans or packages. Thus, select the channel 241 on DirecTV to stream Paramount.

While Paramount Plus channel cannot be located through DirecTV satellite services, nor through even skimming their premium add-on channels.

That’s all how to access Paramount Plus with DirecTV.


To access the Paramount+ with DirecTV, ensure the Gemini of DirecTV has an active internet connection for downloading the Paramount Plus application through the app store. After getting Paramount+ app, sign up for Paramount+ account, select a plan, and then log in to stream its shows. This article has shown how Paramount Plus can be accessed with DirecTV.

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