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What Channel is the Big Ten Network on DirecTV

When a new cable connection is acquired or shifted to another cable network, one must be concerned about watching the favorite channels, such as Big Ten Network. At the time, you contact the customer service of the cable network, such as DirecTV, or search on Google “what channel is Big Ten Network on DirecTV”, definitely if you are getting services from DirecTV.

This article will explain what channel the Big Ten Network and how it can be found according to the regions or locations.

What is the Big Ten Network (BTN)?

Big Ten Network brought the streams of sports by collaborating within the schools and colleges’ conferences or events related to sports activities. Interesting analysis shows, news, and recorded telecasts of events are also streamed on the Big Ten Network. BTN is the acronym for Big Ten Sports which offers different sports streams, such as volleyball, basketball, football, etc. Big Ten Network headquarters is established in Chicago, Illinois. 

What Channel is Big Ten Network on DIRECTV?

DirecTV delivers a smooth streaming experience through its stunning services which include satellite, internet, and Gemini. If you have one, follow the next section for finding the Big Ten Network channel on them.

Big Ten Network on DirecTV via Satellite

DirecTV Satellite service is the most reliable one as it uses the SingnalSaver technology to maintain the connection and error-free streaming even during critical weather. The users who are using the DirecTV satellite service can find the Big Ten Network channel on 610

Big Ten Network on DirecTV via the Internet

DirecTV users who have paired packages with internet services can also find the BTN by navigating to channel 610. 

How to Find BTN on DirecTV Using Area Zip Code

Big Ten Network (BTN) provides the services to instantly find the BTN channel number with respect to the region by only providing the zip code of the area. To do so, let’s walk through the given steps:

Step 1: Access BTN Channel Finder

On the website of Big Ten Network, go to the BTN Channel Finder page using this link.

Step 2: Enter Zip Code and Select Provider

Enter the Zip Code in the zip code field and choose the provider from the dropdown menu. For example, choose DirecTV.

Step 3: Press SUBMIT Button to See Channel

After that, all you need to do is press the SUBMIT button after filling in the fields. As a result, the channel will be displayed concerning your area.

Alternate Way to Stream Big Ten Network

Sometimes cable networks become unavailable due to maintenance, weather, or other reasons. At that time, you can also access the Big Ten Network by accessing their official platform. To watch Big Ten Network using their official web application, given steps will be followed:

Step 1: Navigate to by launching your browser on the device that has an active internet connection.

Step 2: On the top, click the Sign up and watch now button under the text Don’t have a TV provider.

Step 3: From multiple cable providers, select yours so it can send you to their login page.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen guideline to successfully sign in on BTN and stream it live.

Which DirecTV Package Needed to Watch Big Ten Network

DirecTV provides packages in which local and premium channels fall depending on the cost and other factors set by the provider. Similarly, Big Ten Network is only available in Choice, Ultimate, and Premier DirecTV packages. The DirecTV Entertainment package does not include Big Ten Network.

What do I Watch on BTN (Big Ten Network) DIRECTV

There are different sports games that you can watch on the Big Ten Network using cable operators like DirecTV. Big Ten Network offers the following college sports games:

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Softball
  4. Volleyball
  5. Wrestling 
  6. Lacrosse
  7. Soccer
  8. Hockey
  9. Tennis

To get the complete schedule/timing of sports games, you can always visit the Big Ten Platform to stay tuned.

How to Watch Big Ten Plus on DirecTV

Big Ten Plus is powered by Big Ten Network and a paid subscription service. Big Ten Plus gives access to video libraries, on-demand archives, and those sports that are not broadcast on television. Moreover, the alert feature about remaining in touch about favorite team activities is also included in Big Ten Plus.

To subscribe to the Big Ten Plus service, access the website and subscribe for a pass according to your preference.

Stream Big Ten Plus on DirecTV via Gemini

DirecTV Gemini is a device that makes the streaming experience more enjoyable and exciting by letting one make a collection of all favorite channels in one place. To stream Big Ten Plus via the DirecTV Gemini, follow the mentioned steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search B1G+
  • Download the application and launch it.
  • Follow the on-screen sign-up instructions and enjoy streaming.

We have presented the ways to find Big Ten Network in any region and resolved the query of what channel is Big Ten Network is on DirecTV. Moreover, we have shown how the Big Ten Plus, a premium service by Big Ten Network can be streamed on DirecTV.


Big Ten Network also referred to as BTN can be found on the DirecTV channel 610 for both satellite and internet packages. With an active DirecTV package excluding the Entertainment one, Big Ten Network can easily be streamed. This write-up has described what channel is Big Ten Network on DirecTV.

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