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What are the Channels of BBC on DirecTV?

BBC channel is one of the giant broadcasting networks that has expanded around different countries in various variants, such as BBC Scotland, BBC Cymru Wales, BBC America, etc. Within the United States, BBC channels can be watched on DirecTV, Dish, or Spectrum cable networks.

This write-up will enlighten what channel is BBC on DirecTV.

What are the Channels of BBC on DirecTV?

BBC stands for British Broadcast Corporation, a public service broadcast that has taken the responsibility to spread awareness and entertainment for viewers through its programs.

BBC on DirecTV can be accessed using either the internet or satellite services. As DirecTV operates country-wide (United States), it powers different BBC channels which are:

  1. BBC America
  2. BBC News

Both BBC can be watched on DirecTV on channels which are mentioned in the next section.

BBC Channels Available on Satellite Service

DirecTV offers BBC America on channel 264 for users with an active satellite package. Another variant of BBC, BBC News is available on channel 346 on DirecTV.

BBC Channels Available on Internet Service

Watching DirecTV with an active internet connection is hassle-free and super smooth. BBC News and BBC America can be streamed on 346 and 264 same as mentioned above.

What Package is Needed for BBC on DirecTV?

On DirecTV, there are four primary packages which are:

  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Ultimate
  • Premier

BBC America can be streamed on all packages while for the BBC News channel, Ultimate or higher plan is required. 

So, the package needs to be acquired according to preference to ensure the availability of BBC channels on DirecTV.

How to Watch BBC Without DirecTV?

BBC channels can be watched without DirecTV, however, it provides no control as DirecTV provides to its consumers, such as recording in DVR and HD streaming with fewer programs. However, to watch the BBC channel, let’s walk through the following listed steps:

  • Visit the official platform of BBC News at and select the live button from its menu.
  • Choose either Live News or Live Sports as per your willingness and select the LIVE on-going heading.
  • After this, you will be directed to the next page where you need to tap the Live button again to start the BBC streaming.

Doing so you can successfully enjoy BBC channel streaming live. You can also access the recent live and old recordings on the BBC platform.


To access the BBC channels on DirecTV, visit channel 264 for BBC America and channel 346 for BBC News. It broadcasts for both DirecTV internet or satellite services and can be streamed with any active DirecTV package. However, BBC News is not included in DirecTV Choice and  Entertainment plan. This guide has explained what channel is BBC on DirecTV and what kind of packages or DirecTV service you need to access the channel.

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