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What Channel is HLN on DirecTV?

HLN is the subdivision of CNN launched in 2022 concentrating on crime news as well as other news content. This channel is available on different cable networks across the country, such as YouTube TV, Spectrum, and DirecTV.

This article will explain that at which channel HLN can be found on DirecTV.

What Channel is HLN on DirecTV?

HLN is available on DirecTV for both internet and satellite service. To watch HLN, you need to navigate channel 204 on DirecTV.

HLN news channel can be streamed with any active DirecTV plan as it is available in Premier, Ultimate, Choice, and even in Entertainment (basic package).

DirecTV Gemini users can alternatively watch CNN in replacement of HLN news channel. For that, simply visit Google Play and install the CNN application to access the trending and current affairs news.

Top Shows of HLN

HLN broadcast the following stream on DirecTV:

  • Forensic Files: A true storytelling show based on crimes enlightens the involved high-tech and facts.
  • How It Really Happens: The host of this show takes a deep look at the ongoing crimes and unfair or unpleasant past circumstances. 
  • Real Life Nightmare: Unsolved, missing, and other heart-piercing stories are shown to the world in this show.
  • The Killer Truth: Uncover the more perspectives of the crime doers with this show.

Troubleshooting DirecTV HLN

Sometimes, technical or non-technical problems occur with DirecTV but it is not always from their side. Follow the mentioned tip to fix DirecTV issues and stream HLN channel.

  • Check for DirecTV Subscription: Before starting with anything practically, it is good practice to check the DirecTV plan renewal or other changes. Fix the DirecTV subscription issues to stream HLN on it.
  • DirecTV Temporary Outage: Due to maintenance or other technical problems, DirecTV sometimes goes out of service in specific areas which can make HLN channel unavailable. Contact DirecTV support to check whether your area is under any maintenance or facing any issues.
  • Other DirecTV issues: Call DirecTV support directly at 800.531.5000 between 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM to place your query about watching HLN channel on DirecTV. Support of DirecTV is eligible to resolve the issues from their end after identifying them.


HLN was formerly known as CNN Headline News, a project by CNN with a motive to keep viewers updated with the crime world. HLN can be streamed on DirecTV on channel 204 with any active package whether it falls under internet or satellite service. This post has enlightens that what channel HLN is on DirecTV.

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