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How to Get ESPN Plus on Vizio Smart TV?

Watching ESPN Plus on Vizio smart TV is easier now because technology is evolving and new ways are discovered every day. If you are a sports enthusiast and excited to watch ESPN Plus on your (Vizio) smart TV, then let’s walk through this well-explained guide.

How to Get ESPN Plus on Vizio Smart TV 

ESPN Plus can be accessed from ESPN application which means your TV requires one. Two helpful methods can be used in getting ESPN app on TV:

  1. Using the Vizio SmartCast
  2. Using ESPN .apk file

Method 1: Get ESPN Plus on Vizio TV Using the SmartCast

Smart TVs are smart because they can perform actions which other devices or normal TVs are unable to do. In the same way, Vizio Smart TV has the tendency to manage internal settings or apps and install or manage external utilities too.

So, you can utilize the ability to get the ESPN app using the following steps.

Step 1: Launch Vizio TV SmartCast

Use the left arrow button after making the cursor move on SmartCast input. This will open a menu, simply go to Apps.

Step 2: Search ESPN App

Now from the app search, type ESPN to make the suitable results pop out.

Step 3: Install ESPN

Next, install the ESPN application within the TV to get started with it.

Note: Vizio TV includes a limited number of applications within their TVs, if you have an old model or cannot locate the application, follow the next method.

Method 2: Install ESPN .apk file in Vizio Smart TV

Downloading an external .apk file of ESPN and then using any portable device, such as USB is another way to have ESPN on Vizio TV. 

It is a straightforward method in which you need to extract the .apk file from any trusted platform and move it into a USB. Next, insert the USB into the Vizio smart TV and move the application into any TV directory. You may also install the ESPN directly from USB into the TV.

Once the ESPN application is installed successfully, unmount the USB device from the Vizio smart TV.

How do I Stream ESPN Plus on Vizio Smart TV?

To watch ESPN Plus on Vizio smart TV, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Launch ESPN Application

Choose the ESPN application to launch it, an activation code is shown on the screen to activate the app.

Activate ESPN Plus on Vizio TV

Visit the “” from a device that has an active internet connection and write the code in the required field.

Once the code is entered, click continue and log in with your ESPN Plus account credentials. Otherwise, consider creating a new ESPN+ account and subscribing to the preferred package, such as the Disney bundle or only ESPN+.

Access ESPN Plus Streaming

After that, select ESPN+ by navigating to the menu for accessing all ESPN Plus premium streaming and other sports shows.

That’s all about getting the ESPN Plus on Vizio TV.


If you have a Vizio TV 2017 or later model, ESPN application can be installed on it for ESPN Plus streams. To install the ESPN app, either install it from Vizio SmartCast, a store that contains pre-built applications or download the ESPN app .apk file separately in USB to install it directly on the TV. Before accessing the application, you need to activate it through ESPN platform by entering the code that appears on the screen. This article has shown how ESPN Plus on Vizio smart TV can be accessed and activated for streaming.

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