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What Does Espressif Inc Device On My Network Mean?

You have never shared your password publicly and Espressif has joined your network? Who is Espressif and why is it appearing on your network?

Here, in this article, let’s learn what Espressif Inc. device is on your network.

What Does an Espressif Device Mean?

Espressif was founded in 2008, a world-leading company in manufacturing wireless communication IoT devices/chips. Espressif is rising in the world of technology in such a way that different brands and other big product makers have started to use their chips. These semiconductor chips are ESP8266, ESP32-H, and ESP32-S, etc. These devices are fitted in the products according to the required functionality to fulfill a target useful purpose.

Why is an Espressif Inc Device Appearing on my Network

If you own a router that has a wireless WiFi module made by Espressif, then there will be an Espressif Inc device on your network. Espressif chips/devices are often small in size and installed in modems. Similarly, if any of the Espressif devices are installed in the product, you might see that the Espressif is appearing within the range of your network.

How to Stop an Appearing Espressif Inc Device on my Network

Many manufacturers mask their devices by default, however, if an Espressif device is appearing on your network, then it is because of branding purposes. Simply enter the modem’s IP address in the browser and enter the provided credentials to log in. After that, check for the network settings and see if you can hide/block it from appearing on the network. In case no such option is available, you can change the network name which seems less distractive. Using the VPN and antiviruses can provide some enhanced blocking controls and add a strong layer of security.

How to Identify Espressif Inc Devices?

As Espressif devices are mostly used in product hardware, it is difficult to identify each Espressif device unless you can see it visually. Express if devices are not only limited to one product only, they can be found in multiple products such as mics or inverters. However, some wireless devices that appear on our smart devices can be identified easily using different software, such as Netscanner.

Which Devices Have ESPRESSIF MCUs?

Espressif is determined to provide AIoT solutions to products, so, a wide amount of electronics are loaded with Espressif microcontrollers. Products based on providing Bluetooth, WiFI, or smart features within or outside a home could have Espressif devices. It is not necessary that a product can have only a single Espressif MCU, multiple MCUs can be installed in a product.

How to Know if Espressif Inc Device On My Network is Safe?

So far, this is not an issue if the Espressif Inc device has joined the network. However, to ensure that your network is completely safe, take the following precautions:

  • Change the Network Password
  • Enable Firewall
  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Enable Network Encryption

How To Access The Espressif Inc Device On My Network?

Every manufacturer allows the user to control the product and adjust it according to their own way. So, there is a way to access the Espressif Inc device on the network by getting into its settings. To do so, find the IP address of the modem often written on it or the manual or receipts provided with it. Enter it into the browser and enter the username and password which could be admin by default for both fields. However, leaving the field empty can also work but the right way is to check for credentials attached on the backside of the mode or written on the manual. Entering the credentials will open up the dashboard and provide the options to control Espressif Inc devices on your network.

This article has covered why Espressif Inc device is appearing on your network and what you can do in a solution.


Espressif is a giant multinational wireless semiconductor AIoT solutions producer which is expanded in many regions, such as China, the Czech Republic, and Singapore. The famous microcontrollers starting with ESP are the products developed by the Espressif organization. Due to its products which are able to establish a wireless connection, Espressif Inc devices are displayed on the network. 

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