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3 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Bookmarks Disappeared

Bookmarks are used to store the favorite URL-based web page/address for future reference. This feature can save users’ time and also boost the performance of the browser.

Losing bookmarks in Google Chrome can be frustrating because most users rely on Bookmarks to navigate between their favorite web addresses. If you recently experienced this problem, then don’t worry. This guide explains the possible causes and 3 easy ways to fix this problem. 

Solution 1: Enable the Bookmarks Option

One of the reasons is accidentally turning off the bookmarks from the bookmarks setting in Google Chrome. If the bookmarks are turned off from the setting, they will not appear in Chrome.

To resolve this, the users need to turn on the bookmarks from the bookmark setting. The steps to do so are given below: 

Step 1: Open Kebab Menu

Click on the three vertical dots or menu option at the top right corner of Google Chrome and hover over the “Bookmarks” option: 

Note: From the opened Window, it is clear that Bookmarks are not being displayed on Chrome. 

Step 2: Manage Bookmarks

Now, click on the “Show Bookmarks bar” option:

After performing the above steps, the bookmarks have been shown successfully, as displayed in the below snippet:

Shortcut For Windows: Alternatively, the users can press “Ctrl+Shift+B” to show the bookmarks in Chrome.

Shortcut For Mac: For Mac, the shortcut key to enable the Bookmarks is “Command+Shift+B”. 

Solution 2: Recover Bookmarks From Chrome’s Folder

The Chrome Bookmarks can also disappear if they are accidentally deleted. Here’s one solution to fix it: 

All the bookmarks are stored in the Chrome folder in the computer system. The folder is created automatically by Chrome as a backup to the bookmarks and browsing history. 

To recover the bookmarks using the Chrome folder, follow the below steps:

Note: Ensure that Google Chrome is closed while following this method.

Step 1: Locate Bookmarks Files 

Open File Explorer and follow the below path to locate the “Bookmarks” and “Bookmarks.bak” files:

For Windows: 

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

For Mac: 

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default

Step 2: Rename Files

Here, two steps need to be performed: 

  • Rename the file named “Bookmarks” to a different name, such as “Bookmarks.out”.
  • Rename the file named “Bookmarks.bak” to “Bookmarks” to retrieve Bookmarks from its backup.

Step 3: Relaunch Chrome

To see the changes, launch the Chrome browser, and the Bookmarks are on the bar now, as shown below:

Solution 3: Recover Bookmarks From Backup File / Import Bookmarks HTML File

Another simple solution to recover the disappeared Google Chrome Bookmarks is using the backup file. To import the backup HTML file, follow the below steps:

Note: You can only use this method if you have the Backup file stored on your computer.

Step 1: Open Kebab Menu

Navigate to the three vertical dots at the top right corner of Google Chrome, hover over the “Bookmarks” option, and select the “import bookmarks settings” option:

Step 2: Import HTML Bookmarks Backup File

Select the “Bookmarks HTML File” option and tick the “Favourites Bookmarks” in the import bookmarks setting. After selecting/choosing the instructed options, click on the “choose file” button:

Step 3: Choose HTML File

Select the Bookmark HTML file from the location where you stored it and click on the “open” button:

Now, enable the “Show bookmarks bar” option and click on “Done”: 

The Bookmarks loaded from the HTML file will be displayed on Chrome as shown below: 

Import Bookmarks From Other Browser

If you have the same Bookmarks stored in the other browser, you can also import the Bookmarks from other browsers. Go back to step 2 and select the browser name instead of the HTML file in the import setting.

Note: The Bookmarks may also disappear in Google Chrome if the latest version is not installed, or the installed version is corrupted. However, it can be fixed easily by updating Chrome to the latest available version. 

To learn how we can go to full-screen mode in Chrome within an Android device, follow this dedicated article.


The Bookmarks in Google Chrome disappear if the Bookmarks option is accidentally turned off, mistakenly deleted, older version of Chrome. To resolve this error, the users need to enable the “Bookmarks option”, recover the bookmarks from the Chrome folder, or import the already stored Bookmarks’ HTML file. This guide presented various ways to fix the Google Chrome bookmarks disappearance problem.

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