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How to Get ESPN Plus on Dish?

Wondering “What Channel is ESPN Plus on Dish” while switching from one channel to another? There is no need to get impatient now because this article will explain all about ESPN+ availability on Dish. 

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Dish?

ESPN Plus is a paid service that needs to be subscribed to separately before accessing its premium content. 

This subscription model does not align with Dish and makes the viewers unable to access ESPN+ using the Dish cable. 

However, it is worth trying the below explained methods to stream the ESPN Plus content on your Smart TV or other devices.

How to Get ESPN Plus on Dish?

ESPN Plus on Dish can be streamed using the methods which are given below:

  • Watch ESPN Plus Using Dish Hopper
  • Watch ESPN Plus Using the Application

Let’s walk through each method!

Method 1: Watch ESPN Plus on Dish Using Dish Hopper

To watch ESPN Plus on Dish, follow the mentioned steps in the next section.

Step 1: Open App Store on Dish

Launch the application store provided on the Dish.

Step 2: Install ESPN/ESPN+ App

Search for ESPN within the search bar and install the ESPN or ESPN+ application on appearance.

Step 3: Log In with ESPN+ Account

Once the ESPN/ESPN+ application gets installed successfully, log in with the ESPN+ account credentials and access the ESPN+ section to stream it.

Method 2: Get ESPN Plus on Dish Using the Application

Another way is to stream ESPN Plus directly using another smart device which has the capability to install applications, such as smart TVs or phones.

Simply open the store which contains applications for your device and start exploring the sports section. Another way is to utilize the search bar to find the ESPN+ or ESPN application. Next, following the same steps as of method 1 is the key to getting full hands-on ESPN Plus.

Note: Following this method does not require Dish or any of its services connected to the TV.

If you also have DirecTV or YouTube TV, then read this dedicated article to access ESPN Plus services.


To watch ESPN Plus on the Dish network, Dish Hopper or any smart device can be used which has an App Store. Simply make the ESPN application installed from it and start streaming by entering the purchased ESPN Plus service credentials.

Dish cable itself does not provide an ESPN Plus channel to their sports enthusiasts. Although, there are plenty of other sports channels which can be streamed on Dish without any hassle.

This guide has shown how to access ESPN Plus on Dish through multiple methods.

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