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What are the Music Channels on DirecTV – Detailed Guide

Often the users expect the premium channels on their TV from cable operators to spend their free time from busy schedules. The one who takes care of this and provides the original, classic, and premium channels, takes the lead, such as DirecTV. DirecTV covers a wide variety of TV channels for entertainment purposes including sports, movies, and music stations.

This blog will present what are the music channels on DirecTV.

What are the Music Channels on DirecTV?

Music channels are included on every platform which provides cable services, however, using the DirecTV service gives an upper hand to consumers as it has a lot of premium music channels. Let’s walk through the top 10 music channels that can be found on DirecTV.

1. Big Band Music Channel on DirecTV

Enjoy the energetic big band sounds with artist-composed mixtures to lost in the world of music. Big Band channel can be found on number 801 on DirecTV satellite services. DirecTV Internet does not provide Big Band music channel streaming.

2. ‘90s Music Channel on DirecTV

The era of the 90s revolutionized the existing music industry and gave a new direction to upcoming music. To listen to classic 90s music, you should explore the channel ‘90s on DirecTV on number 806.

3. Singers & Swing Music Channel on DirecTV

Let your favorite artists sound out from your television by making the jump to DirecTV channel number 807. Station eight-hundred-seven contains the Singers & Swingers channel on DirecTV.

4. Hit List Music Channel on DirecTV

Unaware of the music market, what is popular or trending? Simply turn on your television with a DirecTV connection and go to channel Hit List can be found on the number 816. This channel will play hit music which is worth listening to. 

5. Y2k Music Channel on DirecTV

To enjoy two decades-old tunes of music and the voices of stunning artists, the Y2K channel is the key. On DirecTV, utilize your television remote to go to channel 817 for Y2K music.

6. Love Songs Music Channel on DirecTV

Lovely songs are broadcast by channel Love Songs on DirecTV at number 819 for the viewers. It is popular among viewers of different regions as it captures their interest.

7. Contemporary Instrumentals

Instrumental tunes are pleasant and give humans a new way to get full of emotions. For such tunes of instruments, you can search for the channel Contemporary Instrumentals on DirecTV at 820.

8. Pop Hits

Pop songs are trendy and known for their own category. This category of songs falls under the DirecTV channel Pop Hits at 821. Pop Hits channel can only be broadcast on DirecTV if you are using DirecTV satellite services.

9. Hip-Hop and R&B

Hip-Hop and R&B channel name is self-explanatory as it powers the boldest hip-hop category songs to its streamers and listeners. Hip-Hop and R&B channels can be found on DirecTV on channel 825

10. Rock Hits Music Channel on DirecTV

Fans of rock music should explore the channel Rock Hits on DirecTV on channel 837.

There are bundles of other music channels that are also available with different categories of songs on DirecTV. To learn about these channels, let’s jump to the below section and choose a favorite one.

Other Music Channels on DirecTV

There are plenty of more music channels available on DirecTV which are given in the below table.

DirecTV Music Channel NamesDirecTV Music Channel Numbers
Hard Rock835
60s Movement803
Nature Sounds884
R&B Classics842
Movie Scores822
Latin Jazz879
New Age856
Throwback Jamz848
Honky Tonk811
Malt Shop Favorites802
Toddler Tunes869
Easy Listening853
Jazz Vocal Hits850
Irish Favorites883
Smooth Jazz851
R&B Soul843
Contemporary Christian826
Today’s Country814
Classic Rock833
Pop & Country840
Classic Christmas858
Taste Of Italy881
Coffee Shop Cuts836
Sounds Of The Seasons815
Classic Dance845
Classic Alternative838
Jazz Vocal Standards855
Kids Only!868
Italian Favorites882
Mainstream Rap847
Musica Urbana875
Pop Latino871
Country Hits809
Retro Workout862
Gospel Hallelujah828
Contemporary Country814
These channels are only offered in DirecTV Satellite Service.

That’s all as this guide has covered the answer to the query of what are music channels on DirecTV.


Music channels are offered by different service providers like Optimum or Dish, however, the one that has a lot of channels and leads in the category of music is DirecTV. DirecTV includes more than eighty music channels in its services for the entertainment of its viewers. Music channels on DirecTV are only accessible if the user has a satellite package. This write-up has shown the top music channels of DirecTV and listed all the music channels of DirecTV.

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