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Political Call iPhone | Everything You Need to Know

Receiving calls on your iPhone from a caller ID “Political Call”? Are you hearing robotic voices or not able to hear them at all? 

Let’s explore what a Political Call is and why you are receiving it. Moreover, let’s block them if they are spamming or causing any kind of disturbance for you.

What Does a Political Call Mean?

The keyword Political Call is self-explanatory as it conveys the message of a politician on an ongoing democratic movement or political activities. Mostly such political calls are about campaign updates, fundraising, and voting/polling. These messages or concerns from politicians are often in the form of a robotic voice or a politician’s voice itself. Within the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) controls such types of actions on calls.

Who Receives a Political Call on iPhone?

Political calls can be received by anyone depending on the location or specific area where political activities are happening. However, the major target of political calls is often registered voters near the elections. This is not necessary that if you have an iPhone then potentially you are receiving it, other mobile users and even landlines get the political calls. 

How to Identify If Political Calls Real or Fake on iPhone?

Sometimes, whenever a political call rings on the iPhone, the caller ID “Political Call” appears on the screen. However, the users also receive political calls on their iPhones from other numbers. These calls which are from unusual numbers can be fake occasionally. If anyone is asking for money in the name of fundraising, then you might ask for in-depth details and verify them using the Internet. To ensure that the call is not fake, the only valid option is to visit the headquarters or office where the call is coming from.

How to Make Political Calls Stop on iPhone?

If political calls seem annoying or spammy, then the best option is to restrict them using your iPhone device. To stop receiving political calls on iPhone devices, utilize these four helpful methods which are stated below:

  1. Block Political Calls
  2. Add Uncommon Political Call Numbers to the “Do Not Call” List
  3. Use Third-Party Apps to Identify
  4. Contact Carrier Support
  5. Join FCC Do Not Call Registry

Let’s visually go through each method to learn how to do it.

Method 1: Block Political Calls on iPhone

iPhone blocking feature prevents the callers from reaching your phone number. To block the political call on iPhone, utilize the following instructions.

  • Access the Phone app, go to Recents, and choose the All option from the top. Next, click on the info icon to get into the caller contact.
  • Scroll to the end and hit on the last option Block this Caller to continue.
  • On the appearance of a confirmation pop-up, click the Block Contact button.

To learn more about blocking or unblocking a number, follow this article.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps to Identify and Block Political Calls

On the iPhone App Store, we can find several applications that filter such uncommon numbers for you. TrueCaller or similar applications that serve the same purpose can be used to identify such calls and block them by following the steps mentioned in method 1.

Method 3: Contact Carrier Support to Block Political Calls

You can also contact your carrier support and provide them details about the calls that are distractive for you. Most service providers provide services about blocking unwanted or spamming calls and assist their users with an appropriate solution.

Method 4: Join the FCC Do Not Call List

Register your number in the Do Not Call list on the Federal Trade Commission website as it will let the telemarketers know that you are not interested in getting promotions. After opening the FCC site using the given link, fill in all the required fields.

It will take approximately thirty-one (31) days and you will gradually stop receiving the political calls. 

Is Political Call Legal or Illegal?

Doing marketing and letting others know about products, concerns, or other information is completely legal if it is proceeding under the law. If you have shown your consent to such telemarketing and opt-in in different places over the internet, messages, or calls, you will receive the pre-recorded recordings or promotions. So, it is completely legal in this way. However, if you have not given consent and have received such calls again and again, then it is not legal at all. You can contact the responsible institute to get more specific information about the call or message.

How Can Political Parties Have Your Phone Number?

Political parties can obtain your number through various ways, such as often sharing your personal details by participating in surveys and polls. Moreover, political parties sometimes purchase data from third parties. They also collect a database of registered voters using their sources. 

Political Call iPhone – A Political Way to Get Attention

A robotic voice call received on one number promoting or related to something about a political event, is known as a political call. Political calls can also be made by human agents with specific agendas, such as fundraising. However, you can easily block political calls by adding them to the iPhone’s block list or directory report to the FCC. This article has explained everything about political calls.

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