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How to Watch BET Channels on DirecTV

BET stands for Black Entertainment Television available on different cable networks in America, such as DirecTV, Xfinity, or YouTube TV. It was formerly known as Centric in the entertainment industry.

BET channel broadcasts the shows majorly to gain the Black Americans’ viewership. The other variants of BET channel are BET Her, and SHOxBET available on DirecTV for streaming.

How to Watch BET Channel on DirecTV?

To watch the BET channel on DirecTV, navigate to channel 329 regardless of your package or service (internet or satellite). 

BET can be streamed in high definition (HD) on DirecTV with supported equipment or tools connected. Its shows can also be stored in DirecTV DVR.

DirecTV Gemini users can sign in to Google Play and install the application BET NOW to stream the BET TV shows. Simply follow the on-screen wizard on the BET NOW app to sign in and stream.

Other BET Channels on DirecTV

There are more varieties of BET channels available on DirecTV powered by the same provider to extend the interest of viewers to more joyful programs. 

Other BET-powered channels on DirecTV are:

  • BET Her
  • BET West HD

BET Her can be watched on channel 330 on DirecTV while SHOxBET can be accessed on channel 548. For BET West HD, navigate to the channel 329-1 on DirecTV. Users with active internet packages of DirecTV do not have BET West HD channel– satellite service is required for accessing its broadcasting in HD.

Required DirecTV Plans For BET Channels

Selecting the right DirecTV plan is crucial for enjoying your favorite shows on BET channel. If you already have an active DirecTV plan, then luckily, BET can be watched on all available plans.

However, BET Her requires the Premier or Ultimate package activated to be accessible on DirecTV.

Similarly, SHOxBET channel requires the top of the plan from its series which has 150+ channels, Premier.

How to Get BET Plus (BET+) on DirecTV

BET+ is a premium channel which needs to be subscribed for an extra cost on DirecTV. By paying $9.99, you can add the BET+ on DirecTV using its add-on and watch it on channel 1941.

Simply head to the DirecTV (Premium) Add-ons page, press the Add channel button, and login into your account if not logged in. It will show the Add-ons channel, scroll and find BET+, and activate it. Agree with agreements and the subscription bill will be adjusted in DirecTV monthly bill. 

Another way is to call DirecTV support at 833.798.0825 number and let them know about the willingness to add BET+ to your DirecTV package. DirecTV support will either show how to do it manually step by step or automatically add BET+ to your account from their end.

How to Watch BET If DirecTV Not Available

To watch the BET if there is a temporary outage or trouble with DirecTV, you can visit the BET official platform. 

On, go to the menu and choose the LIVE TV option.

This will show two options, one is Sign In and the other is Start 24-Hour Pass. DirecTV users can click the sign-in button and tap the DirecTV Stream option to continue for streaming BET channel live.

In another case, consider starting the twenty-four hours pass by simply creating a free account.

What to Watch on DirecTV BET Channel?

BET never let the seasons or series’ new episode cycle end to keep its viewers thrilled and excited. It brought the most stunning shows which takes entertainment to the next level. 

Shows that can be watched on BET are:

  • American Soul
  • Sistas
  • Games People Play
  • Boomerang
  • Tales
  • BET Next

Moreover, there are more thrilling shows available on BET 24/7 which can be streamed according to the schedule.


Can I Watch BET+ free on DirecTV?

You can watch BET+ on DirecTV for only $9.99/monthly.

How to I get BET Channel on DirecTV?

Navigate to channel 329 on DirecTV to access the BET channel. Channel 329-1 has BET West HD channel for streaming.

What are all BET channels on DirecTV?

You can stream BET Her, SHOxBET, and BET+ on DirecTV along with the BET channel itself.

Which DirecTV plan is required for BET channel?

With any active plan, such as Entertainment, Premier, Choice or Ultimate, you can watch the BET channel on DirecTV.

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