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What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV?

Finding Bally Sports on DirecTV and have no clue what channel it is on. Stop changing channels one by one on your television as we have talked with DirecTV support and brought the right answer for you after experiencing it.

This guide will explore what channel Bally Sports is accessible on DirecTV.

What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV

Bally Sports is a regional sports channel that broadcasts the local as well as other streaming around the United States. On DirecTV, Bally Sports is available and can be accessed easily.

For the streaming of Bally Sports on DirecTV, navigate to the following channel according to your region.

Bally Sports South: Channel 646

Bally Sports North: Channel 668

Bally Sports Florida: Channel 654

Bally Sports Great Lakes: Channel 662

Bally Sports Kansas City: Channel 671

Bally Sports Southwest: Channel 676

Bally Sports Cincinnati: Channel 661

Bally Sports Ohio: Channel 660

Bally Sports Indiana: Channel 671

Bally Sports Southeast: Channel 649

Bally Sports Wisconsin HD: Channel 669

Bally Sports West: Channel 692

Bally Sports Sun: Channel 653

Bally Sports Midwest: Channel 671

Bally Sports SoCal: Channel 693

Bally Sports Detroit: Channel 663

Bally Sports New Orleans: Channel 676

Bally Sports San Diego: Channel 694

Bally Sports Oklahoma HD: Channel 675

Bally Sports Arizona: Channel 686

Here is the verification from DirecTV which proves the above listing of channels is valid and working for DirecTV.

Which DirecTV Plan Has Bally Sports

Bally Sports on DirecTV is available in Choice or higher plans, such as Ultimate and Primer. Whether you are a DirecTV satellite or internet user, Bally Sports can be accessed on both. 

You can stream your favorite shows on Bally Sports in HD if you have equipment that is necessary for high-definition streaming.

Can I Watch Bally Sports+ on DirecTV?

Bally Sports+ is the extended version of regular channels introduced by Bally so the viewer can have hands-on extra live streams, more on-demand content, and shows. 

DirecTV allows its users to add add-on some premium channels to the plan, however, you cannot do so with Bally Sports+. 

Simply Bally Sports+ is not accessible on DirecTV for now. However, you can subscribe and watch Bally Sports+ on Android TV, Roku, or

What to Watch on Bally Sports on DirecTV

Bally Sports broadcasts MLB, NHL, WNBA, and NBA games mostly based on regions.

Moreover, highlights, stats, post/pre-recorded, high school sports, local teams, and original programming can also be watched on Bally Sports on DirecTV. 

Bally Sports streams are perfectly aligned with sports lovers who have a DirecTV cable connection.


To watch Bally Sports on DirecTV, navigate to channel 686 for Arizona, 654 for Florida, 660 for Ohio, 693 for SoCal and 692 for West. Users located in the Midwest can access Bally Sports on 671 on DirecTV. Bally Sports is not included only in DirecTV Entertainment packages. This write-up has provided a complete walkthrough of what channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV.

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