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What Channel is Food Network HD on DirecTV

DirecTV is one of those cable operators that take great care of every kind of audience, such as sports, seasons, and food lovers. For foodies, there is a channel named Food Network on DirecTV serving millions of users with food-related streams.

In this write-up, we will learn what channel is Food Network HD on DirecTV.

What is the Food Network HD Channel?

Food Network, G.P Television owns the channel Food Network and provides services through cable operators within the United States. Food Network came into being after the collaboration between Nexter Media Group and Discovery Network.

Food Network HD channel broadcasts everything that one can love about food – it brings outclass recipes, five-star chef tips, restaurant reviews, food contests, and many more. 

What Channel is Food Network HD on DirecTV?

Food Network HD is available in both English and Hispanic languages on channel 231 for satellite services as well as on DirecTV internet packages. 

For users who have a DirecTV Gemini device, they can launch their Google Play Store and search for Food Network Go – Live TV on it. On the appearance of the Food Network Go application, download it on the device and launch it. Follow the initial account wizard and enjoy the streaming of the Food Network channel.

What to Watch on Food Network?

Food Network is not about only cooking food, it is a complete learning with entertainment channel. It offers many interesting shows which are:

  • Go Bake to School

A show that lets the world know about twelve young chefs and has a reward of twenty-five grand for winners.

  • The Official Podcast of Food Network

Explore the potential within the industry of food and enhance your recipes by listening to the official podcast of Food Network.

  • Make Classic DDD Dishes at Home

Break your beliefs that restaurant dishes cannot be baked at home with the show “Make Classic DDD Dishes at Home”.

  • Calling All Nepo Babies

Do not let your dishes go to waste by making tiny mistakes, instead watch this boot camp and learn something amazing that can help in improving your kitchen life.

Visit the Food Network official schedule page to learn about more shows and the timings of streaming.

In Which DirecTV Plan Does Food Network HD Fall?

Food Network HD can be accessed after subscribing to any package of DirecTV, such as Premier, Ultimate, Choice, and Entertainment. The lowest package has seventy-five channels while the highest package has more than one hundred fifty channels.

Alternate Food Network Channels on DirecTV

There are bundles of channels on DirecTV and some of them fall in the same category, such as food, however, each has its own identity. Kitchen lovers can also watch PBS, Bravo, Cooking Channel, Travel Network, and Destination America along with the Food Network HD on DirecTV.


To watch the Food Network HD on DirecTV, go to channel 231 regardless of the services which are obtained and in use, such as DirecTV internet or satellite. For the DirecTV Gemini device, the Food Network Go application can be installed to stream Food Network Live on DirecTV. This post has shown which channel to navigate to know what channel is Food TV on DirecTV.

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