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What Channel is TBS on DirecTV? – Channel Tutorial

Wondering “What Channel is TBS on DirecTV” while scrolling or skipping channels from one by one through your television? We have explored this in detail by practically experiencing and searching the TBH channel while using DirecTV services. 

What Channel is TBS on DirecTV? – Channel Tutorial

TBS is a Discovery and Warns Bro owned channel serving the viewers by broadcasting movies and shows along with animated cartoonist streaming. TBS is offered to DirecTV users who are using satellite or internet services. Some wonderfully liked shows on TBS are American Dad, Family Matters, and Friends.

How to Find TBS on DirecTV?

To find the TBS channel on your currently in-use services of DirecTV, follow the instructions stated in the next section.

Find TBS Channel on DirecTV Satellite Package

DirecTV satellite services are absolutely fantastic for exploring the limitless potential of entertainment. On the DirecTV satellite package, TBS can be watched by navigating to channel 247. In order to get the TBS West HD, move to the channel 247-1 using the remote.

Find TBS Channel on DirecTV Internet Package

Internet users with an active DirecTV internet package are able to stream the TBS on channel two hundred forty-seven (247). TBS West HD is not accessible for DirecTV internet services consumers.

Find TBS Channel on DirecTV Gemini

DirecTV Gemini devices have Google Play Store which contains a lot of streaming apps, such as TBS. Simply search “Watch TBS” with the search bar of Google Play and download the application Watch TBS on the appearance. Watch TBS application will allow you to access and watch the TBS channel through this installed app of TBS.

Availability of TBS on DirecTV Packages

There are different local and premium channels categorized in multiple categories in DirecTV. Each package has a specific number of channels and other advantages. TBS is available in the given packages of DirecTV:

DirecTV Package NameTBS Availability

Simply activate any package as per preferences and you will be able to watch TBS on DirecTV.

What to Watch on TBS DirecTV

TBS never lets the entertainment end for its users, therefore exciting shows and suspenseful series never stop playing. You can watch the following TBS shows on DirecTV:

  • Family Matters: This show brought awareness to how a job man has to pass through all the things along with the duty, family, and neighbors.
  • American Dad: The animated show revolves around a pesky security agent who has a home along with his family.
  • The Big Bang Theory: A sitcom in which physicists unlock and know quantum theory and more.
  • Wipeout: TBS’s original challenges-based show in which no one knows if the hurdles can be passed and reached to the specific destination. 

TBS on DirecTV vs Other Cable Services

Along with DirecTV, the TBS channel is also accessible on different cable operators, such as Cox, Spectrum, or Dish. The differences between streaming TBS on DirecTV and other services are listed below:

  1. Satellite Packages: DirecTV provides the uninterrupted TBS streaming service to users through satellite services even in cloudy/rainy weather while a few providers might not be able to provide satellite service.
  2. Regional Variation: Consistency is rare and it seems DirecTV likes rarity because the channel lineup remains the same for every state across the country. Regional variation in channels of different services is common. TBS for other services can be found on different numbers for every region.
  3. High Definition: With the supported equipment, DirecTV is able to provide TBS streaming in HD while other service providers might not be able to broadcast TBS in high definition.
  4. TBS West HD: Other providers may not be able to power the TBS West HD channel, unlike DirecTV.
  5. DirecTV DVR Feature: You can record streams and TBS shows using the DirecTV DVR service. On the other hand, you might be able to use a DVR for recording favorite content on other cable services.

How to Access TBS via DirecTV’s Web or Mobile Application?

In case of non-availability of cable services, TBS channel can be streamed using both mobile and desktop devices.

Access TBS via DirecTV Through Website

TBS has an official platform which only requires an active internet connection to be accessed in the available regions. Simply navigate to their site, go to Menu>Live TV> Sign In, and choose your provider to continue with TBS TV.

Access TBS via DirecTV Through Mobile App

Launch your app store regardless of the OS (operating system) and search for Watch TBS. This will provide the application in search results whose developer will be Turner Entertainment Networks. Install it on the mobile device and log in once launched to watch the non-stop TBS channel and its shows.

How to Troubleshoot if TBS on DirecTV is Not Working?

In case if TBS is not streamable or DirecTV indicates any issue, walk-through from the given explained tips:

  • Check if the DirecTV services are down: Often due to maintenance, DirecTV does not work in a specific region or area. Simply contact the DirecTV support to verify if there is a DirecTV outage.
  • Restart the DirecTV receiver: Disconnecting and then reconnecting the DirecTV receiver can be helpful in resolving multiple connection establishing issues.
  • Renew Subscription: Due to payment issues from your side, your subscription might have been paused. This can make the DirecTV stop serving TBS stream on your television/
  • Call DirecTV Support: In case TBS is still not working, you can always call the 24/7 DirecTV support number 1 (800) 531-5000.

That’s all about watching the TBS DirecTV stream.


To watch TBS and TBS West HD on DirecTV, go to the channel 247 for TBS and 247-1 for TBS West HD. With the supported equipment attached on DirecTV, you will be able to stream TBS on 247 in High Definition (HD). This write-up has provided a complete walk-through about accessing TBS on DirecTV.

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