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What Channel is Telemundo on DIRECTV – Channel Guide?

Wondering “What Channel is Telemundo on DirecTV” while navigating from one channel to another? This article has brought a detailed explanation of DirecTV Telemundo (Este and Deste) channels.

What Channel is Telemundo on DirecTV – Channel Guide

Telemundo” is a channel by NBCUniversal targeting Hispanic language lovers across the United States. Telemundo brings Spanish and other content in the form of news, shows, and even sports on the channel. 

Telemundo is available on DirecTV but it is an add-on channel that needs to be included in any active DirecTV plan separately.

To add Telemundo on DirecTV, follow the instructions given in the next section.

How to Add Telemundo on DirecTV

It takes no time for getting Telemundo channel included in your existing plan for an extra code. To do so, follow the enlisted steps:

  • Simply log in to your DirecTV account through mobile or web application.
  • Now an option “Manage My TV Package” needs to be tapped to proceed.
  • Locate the “TV” button on the screen and click on it.
  • Search Telemundo from the list of channels and hit the “Add” button to include it in the active plan.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts/agreements to complete the Telemundo channel addition process.

How to Find Telemundo on DirecTV

Depending on the DirecTV service type, such as Satellite or Internet package, you can find Telemundo on given channels.

Telemundo on DirecTV Satellite Package

DirecTV satellite package/services users can access “Telemundo (Este)” on channel “406” while “Telemundo (Deste)” on channel “407”.

Telemundo on DirecTV Internet Package

Users with an active DirecTV internet package will be able to watch the “Telemundo (Este)” on the “406” channel. DirecTV Spanish Base package includes the Telemundo channel for Internet users.

Telemundo Channel for DirecTV Gemini Users

DirecTV Gemini users can sign in to Google Play and search for “Telemundo: Series y TV en vivo” application. Installing the Telemundo application and signing in will allow you to stream the channel without any hassle through DirecTV Gemini.

What to Watch on Telemundo DirecTV?

Telemundo is full of surprises channel delivering the news, seasons/movies, and sports streaming in high definition to its viewers. You can watch the following popular Telemundo’s streaming on DirecTV:

  • Pasión de gavilanes: Story of brothers seeking for revenge of their sister’s suicide by setting prettier faces in the world.
  • Victoria: Woman exposing the secret of his husband which he has been hiding for more than a year.
  • Falling Angel: A story presenting what happens when a poor man has to approach a rich lady.
  • Vuelve a mí: A story which shows the struggle of a mother when a son gets kidnapped.

How to Watch Telemundo if DirecTV Has Error Code 775?

In case DirecTV is showing error code 775 or other problems, you can always watch Telemundo live using its applications. Telemundo application is available and easily installed on the below-mentioned OS or devices:

  • Android Phones
  • Apple Phones
  • MAC and PC’s

Downloading the application does not require to make a purchase; it is completely free.


To watch Telemundo channel on DirecTV, navigate to channel 406 for Telemundo (Este) and channel 407 for Telemundo (Deste). DirecTV internet package only allows streaming Telemundo (Este) channel. “Pasión de gavilanes”, “Victoria”, and “Falling Angel” are some popular shows on Telemundo channel which can be explored through DirecTV. This guide has shown what channel is Telemundo on DirecTV for both Internet and Satellite packages.


How to watch Telemundo for free?

Watching Telemundo through its application requires no account or has no restrictions at all. A lot of interesting chapters/series or documentaries are available which can be directly accessed after downloading the Telemundo app.

What are the supported devices for Telemundo App?

Smartphones or other devices that have Play Store or App Store can easily install Telemundo app. Moreover, Macs and portable PCs also make the accessibility of Telemundo application easy.

What channel is Telemundo on DirecTV for internet services?

Users with DirecTV internet package can access Telemundo on channel 406.

What channel is Telemundo on DirecTV for satellite service?

Users with DirecTV’s satellite service can explore channels 406 and 407 for Telemundo.

Will adding the Telemundo on DirecTV cost extra money?

Yes, Telemundo is available in DirecTV add-on channels, therefore, it needs to be added to an active plan separately by paying some extra charges.

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