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What Station/Channel is CBS Sports on DirecTV

Sports fever is something that is increasing with time and as an antidote, DirecTV is controlling it by providing various 24/7 sports channels in high definition (HD). Some of the major DirecTV channels whose availability does not run out of service regardless of the day or time are ESPN, MLB Network, and CBS Sports Network.

This tutorial will enlighten what channel CBS Sports Network (CBSSN) is on DirecTV.

What is CBS Sports on DirecTV

CBS is a well-known American Television channel that covers almost every aspect of entertainment using itself and its extension channels, for example, news, movies, and sports. CBS Sports Network is one of its child channels serving millions of sports stream enthusiasts. Coverage of more than thirty games (men and women) can be watched on the CBS Sports Network.

What Channel is CBS Sports on DirecTV?

CBS Sports Network is the only CBS channel present on DirecTV. According to DirecTV’s latest channel lineup, CBS Sports Network can be discovered on channel 221 for satellite packages. On the other hand, DirecTV Internet package users can also enjoy the CBSSN on channel 221.

On the DirecTV Gemini device, the CBS Sports app can be manually installed from the Google Play Store to stay tuned about live scores, matches, and other streaming.

What to Watch on CBS Sports on DirecTV?

On CBS Sports, thrilling games are offered to the viewers which are:

  • PBR Bull Riding
  • Super High Roller Bowl
  • Boomer and Gio
  • Elite Trades Championship
  • Premier Leagues
  • Rough Invitational Strongman
  • Showtime Championship Boxing

A lot of other attention-grabbing episodes/shows are also broadcast on CBS Sports.

DirecTV CBS Sports Network Plan Requirements

CBS is a premium category broadcaster and its extension channels are also one of those gem channels which do not let their standard fall. Within the Ultimate and Premier plan of DirecTV, you will be able to access the CBS Sports channel.

Moreover, if you have a separate DirecTV Sports Pack, then CBS Sports can also be streamed via DirecTV.

Alternate Channels of CBS Sports on DirecTV?

Sport is so popular in the United States that cable operator DirecTV has to introduce a separate game pack for its audience. DirecTV Sports Pack gives full access to the premium channels of sports along with multiple features. In DirecTV packages, other channels that provide sports streaming services along with CBS Sports are:

  • ESPN
  • NFL Network
  • NBA TV
  • Golf Channel 
  • NHL Network
  • Tennis Channel
  • ACC
  • SEC Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • TUDN
  • Sportsman Channel 

That’s all for what channel is CBS Sports on DirecTV.


To search the CBS Sports Network on DirecTV, navigate to channel two hundred twenty-one whether you own a dish or internet package. DirecTV Entertainment and Choice plans do not contain CBS Sports Network, therefore, higher plans need to be subscribed for it. This guide has explained what channel is CBS Sports on DirecTV.

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