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What Channel is ESPN Plus on Samsung TV Plus?

Searching ESPN Plus on Samsung TV Plus from multiple channels but cannot locate it anywhere. Do you think you were switching channels fast and missed it somewhere between the bundle of other channels?

This article will explain how the EPSN Plus channel can be found on Samsung TV Plus.

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Samsung TV Plus?

ESPN Plus is one of the most famous premium sports services which provides thousands of episodes in the sports category along with live and recorded streamings. 

So, the services are often independent and or collaborate with other brands to make their access or availability easy. ESPN Plus is not a channel– it is an independent subscribable service that needs to be acquired for an additional cost.

Therefore, Samsung TV Plus guidelines do not align with ESPN Plus services and make it inaccessible for the viewers. However, Samsung TV Plus is free and already has some other channels that fall under the category of sports.

What is the Method to Get ESPN Plus on Samsung TV?

To watch ESPN Plus stream along with the Samsung TV Plus, visit your device app store and search for ESPN within the search bar. 

Doing so will make the ESPN application pop out from search results; simply make a tap on the install button to get it on your Samsung TV.

Once done with this process, ensure you have ESPN Plus subscription to access its content by following this guide for step-by-step instructions.

Next, launch the ESPN app on your Samsung TV and enter the same email and password that you used while creating the ESPN Plus account.

On the ESPN+ section, all premium content has been unlocked on your TV. 

Alternate Channels of ESPN Plus on Samsung TV Plus?

ESPN is a complete network of channels which is covering almost every aspect of sports with its superb broadcasting services. It includes multiple sister channels, such as ESPN College Extra, ESPNews, or ESPNU which have the tendency to keep viewers updated with the sports world.

However, Samsung TV Plus does not even have the ESPN channels for now. Still, there are other premium channels which can be alternatively seen to fill the gap of ESPN Network on Samsung TV:

  • FIFA+: 1156
  • CBS Sports HQ: 1152
  • Origin Sports: 1163
  • Outdoor America: 1182
  • Ride or Drive: 1188
  • PowerNation: 1191
  • MSG SportsZone: 1166
  • T2: 1154


Samsung TV Plus is a built-in app of Samsung TVs that allows users to stream live channels on television without paying any extra cost. Samsung TV Plus includes many sports channels, such as Stadium, Golfpass, or Top Gear but does not have ESPN Plus. However, ESPN Plus can easily be watched on Samsung TV by installing ESPN application from its applications store and purchasing ESPN Plus monthly or yearly plan. All details are briefly described in the post which satisfactorily covers the query of what channel is ESPN Plus on Samsung TV Plus.

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