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What Channel is ESPN Plus on Fios TV?

Wondering “What Channel is ESPN Plus on Fios” while watching sports content on other channels. You have chosen to think right because ESPN Plus is a premium 24/7 content service that provides some specific sports content that cannot be found on other channels except the ESPN network.

This write-up will explain all about ESPN Plus channel on Verizon Fios.

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Fios TV?

ESPN Plus is a sister service of ESPN, however, it is not a channel at all like other sports channels. It stands out from plenty of other sports channels by its uniqueness and premium content.

Thus, this produces the need to subscribe to ESPN Plus separately using its official platform for the accessibility of its broadcastings. Fios channels can also be streamed along with the ESPN channel. 

How do I Get ESPN Plus With Verizon Fios TV

ESPN Plus can be streamed on the same smart TV device that has a Fios connection. On your smart TV, simply follow the mentioned steps to access the ESPN Plus service.

Step 1: Get the ESPN Plus Account

Navigate to the ESPN Plus official platform, tap the button “Subscribe to EPSN+ only” and complete the on-screen purchase steps. 

ESPN Plus will cost you $10.99 on a monthly basis– a yearly subscription can also be acquired for only $110.

Step 2: Install ESPN Application on TV

The next step is to install the ESPN application using the Play Store or any app store powered by your TV provider.

Step 3: Use ESPN Plus Creditionals to Login

Within the ESPN application, utilize the ESPN Plus account credentials to access the ESPN+ content.

Step 4: Access ESPN Plus Content

Simply head toward the ESPN+ section from the top menu to start streaming ESPN Plus.

This is how you can successfully stream the ESPN+ content along with the Verizon Fios TV.

Alternate to Access ESPN Plus Content With Fios

ESPN Plus is basically a service of ESPN Network which has a few of its sister channels, such as ESPNU, ESPNews, or ESPN2. All these share content related to sports with their audience and that content has a little bit of touch on ESPN Pluss too.

So, by being an active user of Verizon Fios services, access the streaming of ESPN Network on the following channels:

  • ESPN (HD): 70/570
  • ESPNews (HD): 72/572
  • ESPN 2 (HD): 74/574
  • ESPNU (HD): 73/573
  • ESPN Deportes (HD): 1537/1520
  • ESPN College Extra (HD): 821-828

Collectively, these ESPN channels will fulfill the need for ESPN Plus content to some extent.

To learn more about watching ESPN Plus on other cable operators, such as DirecTV, Dish, or Spectrum, keep exploring


To watch ESPN Plus along with the Verizon Fios service on smart TV, consider installing the ESPN application and logging in with ESPN Plus account credentials. Ensure you have a successful active connection to the internet on TV and ESPN Plus service purchased before doing so. Alternatively, watching the ESPN sister channels allows you to access ESPN Plus content to some extent. However, more live and recorded premium content can be accessed on the ESPN Plus service only. 

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